Intercorrupted Tour with Ra@ Wallys in Hampton, NH 11/06/21

 Ra brings along friends Any given sin and Killakoi for a night of good ole fun and Rock and Roll to Hampton Beach Nh

 On a Rainy night in Hampton Beach New Hampshire what better way to dry off than to stay inside at Wallys and check out some live music. Performing first was Killakoi led by frontman Jordan Mattacchione produced some powerful vocals, Performances by band members Sam Ocheltree(Bass), Robbie Reimer(drums), Kelly Flusk(Guitar) and Kage (keyboard, drums).  Killakoi got the crowd pumped as they entered the building.  The first song they played was “Down” from their EP Pangea. Next up was their 2020 single “Not for Nothing” which by this time the New Hampshire crowd was really getting a taste of what killakoi was all about,  Good ole in your face Rock and Roll! Their set was packed with heavy hitting songs which included “Get it Right”  featuring Sahaj Ticotin from RA . Then soon after was their version of Rob Zombie’s “Dragula” which the already pumped crowd went crazy. The last song of the night was “Ripple” which was another single off of the Pangea, EP  which by the end of their set left the crowd chanting ” One more song !!!” 

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 Up next at Wally’s was the Maryland quartet Any Given Sin which include Victor Ritchie [vocals], Mike Conner [guitar], Rich Stevenson [bass], and Mike Showalter [drums] came to the stage with tons of energy and ready to rock the tiny club. They opened their set with “Enemy Within” and from that point on the crowd was hooked. They filled their set with hits such as “Another Life”, “Dynamite” and “Insidious”. The New Hampshire crowd was rocking their fists in the air and singing along enjoying every minute of the show. Their set was a short one with only a few more songs. They were sure to include a crowd favorite of “The Way I Say Goodbye”. With their set coming to a close the crowd was pumped and having a blast.

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 Ra headlines the night to promote their latest album Intercorrupted. The record is their fifth overall, and first studio album since 2013. Since 1998 Ra has been tearing it up with their live performances. Now twenty three years later they are still thrilling live audiences, they did so in New Hampshire this past Saturday night. They performed a mix of songs from old to new including “Fallen Angels,” “Rectify,” and “Broken Hearted Soul,” just to name a few. The set was full of hits one after another and included the title track from their 2020 release and also threw in a Police cover of “Every Little Thing”  which got the crowd singing along in unison. By this time the New Hampshire club was rocking. 

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