Ice Nine Kills At The Strand Ballroom in Providence RI

Ice Nine Kills and the Hip To Be Scared Tour stopped by The Strand Ballroom in Providence, RI along with Bad Omens, Currents, and Fame On Fire for a night of thrills.

The first band to hit the stage was Fame On Fire. They got the crowd warmed by playing tracks off their 2020 debut album Levels, such asHeadspace ft. Poorstacy” and “Her Eyes” which was the bands first #1 song on Sirius XM Octane.


After a short break, next to hit the stage was Connecticut based Currents. They are currently touring off their album The Way It Ends. When the band started to play, the already rowdy crowd became more intense. The fans then started to form a mosh pit. They were not supposed to crowd surf due to the venue policy, but some fans took it to another level and started to crowd surf anyway. They played a few more songs, and the fans wanted more but due to tight lineup they had to end their set.

Bad Omens hit the stage in a red glow. They came out to the title track of their upcoming album The Death of a Peace of Mind. The fans were already familiar with this song due to the fact that it had just been released last month. During their set frontman Noah Sebastian stopped singing in the middle of “Mercy” for an injury in the crowd. He was told on the headset that there was a medical emergency. He asked the crowd if everyone was ok.  Some fans in the crowd gave him the thumbs up so he continued to play.  A few moments later, he stopped the song again and brought the house lights on security could address the situation and escort the person out. Due to time restrictions they had to move to the next song and continued their set. Noah apologized to the crowd and thanked security for helping the fan out.

With the Red curtain down on the stage, the theme song from Halloween was heard playing through the venue speakers.  Once the curtain rose, on the two back screens the following message was narrated. “The thirteen tracks which you are about to hear were long ago hidden away, deemed too grotesque for public consumption by the American Recording Industry. Recently however, they were unearthed by the homicide unit of the L.A.P.D. These tracks would soon gain infamy as key evidence allegedly linking Ice Nine Kills’ frontman Spencer Charnes to the brutal slaying of his 28 year old fiancé. Though the original title of this disturbing collection of songs remains unknown these cuts will forever be remembered as Welcome to Horrorwood!”  This is also the title track to their latest album that was released in October. The band had many costumes and props throughout their set. These included spencer running around with knives, machetes’, axe, and even with a chainsaw. The band takes their horror theme to an entirely different level! For the nearly sold out show they put on a performance that was one of a kind. There was at one point during their show, A little girl that came out dressed in a night gown and rand around the stage in fear as if she was in a horror movie that is until Spencer pretends to kill her. And later during the show there was a girl dressed in a yellow rain coat holding a red balloon then handing it to spencer which was wearing what appered to be a pennywise mask. These are the type of things you would see at an IceNine Kills show. If your a fan of the horror movies and metal music Ice Nine Kills is exactly what you want.



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