Silverstein Rocks the Worcester Palladium 12/10/21

Silverstein Rocks The Palladium in Worcester, MA for their 20th anniversary tour.

On a chilly December evening, fans made their way into the historic Worcester Palladium for a night of Silverstein’s greatest hits!  The floor filled up fast with fans anticipating the Canadian post-hardcore band.  On this tour, they brought with them Can’t Swim and The Plot In You.

First up was New Jersey natives, Can’t Swim.  No one genre can classify this band.  They range from a pop-punk feel to heavy rock.  They have released 4 EP’s and 3 studio albums since coming on the scene in 2016.  The band includes Christopher LoPorto (lead vocals), Mike Sanchez (guitar), Danny Rico (Guitar), Greg McDevitt (bass), and Blake Gamel (drums).  Can’t Swim got the evening started with an energetic set that had the mosh pit and crowd surfing started early.  They played some of their older hits, like “Sometimes you meet the wrong person at the wrong time” and “Your Clothes.” They also performed songs from their newest album, Change of Plans, that dropped on October 22, 2021 including “Deliver Us More Evil” and “Set the Room Ablaze.”  They ended the set with their 2017 hit, “Stranger.”

Next up is The Plot in You, hailing from Ohio.  The crowd continued to fill the venue.  The Plot in You started with a metalcore sound in 2010 and have metamorphosed over the years to include a more melodic feel with alternative rock elements while still keeping with their roots in hardcore metal/punk.  They started their set with their song, “Face Me,” off of their new album, Swan Song (2021).  The mosh pit was going strong, right from the start with a constant flow of crowd surfers.  The crowd loved the head banging sounds that they were hearing.  The set included the hits, “Not Just Breathing” and  “Disposable Fix.”  They also included other songs from their new album, “Enemy” and “Fall Again.”  Their time ended with “Feel Nothing,” the crowd sang along with the hit from 2018.  The crowd was definitely primed for the headliner, Silverstein.

Finally, the moment everyone had been anticipating.  Silverstein came out strong with their hit single “Bankrupt,” on a dark stage with bright beams of light shining in all directions.  The fans in the audience were pumped for this moment!  The mosh pit raged as the crowd surfers were pushed forward into the pit in front of the stage.  During the third song of the set, “Smashed Into Pieces,” a fight broke out in the crowd.  The band stopped the song as the house lights went up.  Lead vocalist, Shane Told, informed security that if anyone is fighting, “throw them the f**k out!”  The crowd cheered!  After the incident cleared up, the band continued on with their next song.  About halfway through the show, the heavy rockers changed things up with Shane standing front and center with an acoustic guitar for a short stripped-down set.  The crowd loved the change and enjoyed every song, which included “Where Are You.”  This allowed a brief reset before the pace and volume picked back up along with the mosh pits.   All in all, the evening included a ton of fan favorites including “Smile in Your Sleep,” “My Heroine,” and “Apologies.”  An amazing night of music at a historic venue.  Keep an eye on Silverstein’s website for another set of dates coming up in Spring 2022!

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