Ghost and Volbeat Co-Headline a Monster Show With Special Guest Twin Temple at The DCU Center in Worcester, Ma

On a crisp February night, as the sun was setting in a pink and purple aura, it was time to head to Worcester for what was to be night filled of Wicked, Evil, and Satanic Rock and Roll music.

The first band to hit the stage was Los Angeles based Satanic doo-wop group Twin Temple. The group is composed of vocalist Alexandra and her husband Zachary James. They became a duo on Halloween night 2016. Their sound is a macabre style sound with a mix of 1920’s blues with a familiar twang of classic guitar riffs from the 1950’s and 60’s.  Though their set was short, it was filled with a theatrical performance of Satanism and Rock & Roll songs such as “Sex Magick” and “Let’s Have a Satanic Orgy” that the crowd really seemed to enjoy. Their performance included a series of satanic rituals which consisted of Alexandra carrying around a Holy Bible and a chalice. The chalice was filled with what the crowd perceived as blood. During their final song “Wicked,” the two came to the front of the stage holding the chalice and the crucifix. They proceed to raise it to the crowd. She drinks the cup and blood is seen dripping down her mouth and neck. They turn to each other and raise the items into the air. He takes his crucifix and stabs the chalice and the two turn and walk to the back of the stage. Once at the back of the stage he takes her and gives her one last bloody kiss. They concluded their performance with a salute to the crowd.

Now it was time for the first of two headliners. The Danish rockers Volbeat was set to hit the stage. Their set was hidden behind the huge curtain featuring their latest album cover Servant of the Mind. With the Iconic Motörhead’s “Born To Raise Hell” blaring from the speakers, which the band has been using for years, really got the crowd pumped. An announcement was heard to the crowd “Worcester are you ready to Seal the Deal with Volbeat?!! ” The curtain fell to the stage as the band played their opening song “Seal The Deal.”
The crowd cheered and sang along to the next few songs. Before playing their hit song “Lola Montez” band vocalist Michael Poulsen asked the crowd “Do you want to hear a song about a shady lady?” The crowd screamed and Michael threw his arms in the air to get the crowd to sing along. As always Michael has a tendency to add a little taste of Johnny Cash in his shows. He begins to play “Ring of Fire” as an introduction to their rendition of “Sad Man’s Tongue” The crowd went crazy!

A few songs later, during the beginning of “Wait A Minute My Girl” two ZZ top looking characters emerged from a platform beneath the stage with a Piano and a Saxaphone. Once the song was done the platform went back to under the stage. This happened a few more times throughout their set.
During “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown” Michael stopped the song saying “Stop! Stop! Stop! What’s going on down there? No fighting are you ok?  No fighting! You just look weird. Are you brothers because I know brothers fight? Alright I just want to make sure your ok.” Michael began to resume the song.  There was a concert goer in the front row that was dressed as “Papa, from Ghost” Michael said “Tiabus is in the crowd, they showed the person on the screen behind them. He said you need to get ready.”
They played a few more songs, which included “Doc Holliday,” a new song “The Sacred Stones,” and “Die To Live.” They ended their amazing set with “Still Counting.” Behind them they put on the screen Thank you Worcester
Michael came to the stage and said “Its time for Volbeat to go to bed!” Thanks for coming and supporting us!  We are Volbeat from Denmark with a little bit of New York over here (turning toward guitarist Rob Caggiano.) They praised the crowd and threw memorabilia to the crowd and went to the middle of the stage and took a bow! What an amazing performance put on by an amazing band!


The crowd was weary with anticipation on what was to come from the second of two headliners Ghost. The blank White curtain stood between them and the band.  A silhouette portrayed one of The Nameless Ghouls behind the curtain while they began to play the song “Karsarion”. A big bang was heard and the curtain dropped. Three of the Nameless Ghouls came to the front of the stage dressed in their entirely new uniform most noticeable was their headwear. They wore diving helmets with two eye sockets with a shoulder piece on top of a military jacket. The band also unveiled Tobias Forge as the new Papa Emeritus IV character, who was dressed in what appeared to be his ring leader outfit with White and Black face paint.
As soon as the beat for “Rats” started the crowd went wild. Through the performance The Nameless Ghouls would be seen messing around and teasing one another. Pappa even got in on it and tapped one of The Nameless Ghouls on the shoulder and motioned him to move out of his way. During “From the Pinnacle To The Pit” Papa was seen standing on the drums and listening to the crowd scream and sing the words to the song. He then proceeded to the Mic and said “How the hell are you Worcester? It’s a Friday night. Nice to see you again. Thank you for coming out! We are going to sing a song Papa used to sing. The crowd went crazy as he started singing “Mary On A Cross.”
They continued on with “Devil Church, and a few new songs “Cirice, (wearing bat wings) “Hunter’s Moon,” and “Faith.”
During the songs “Year Zero,” and “Ritual,” Papa comes out in his Cardinal Copia character. During a guitar solo, two of The Nameless Ghouls pretend to have an incident with one of them hurting their finger on the guitar. The other one has to come to his aid by kissing it better. This brought a chuckle to the audience.  Once the solo ends Papa comes out for his final wardrobe change of the night, wearing a bluish green flashy jacket.
He continues to the Mic and says to Worcester”Are you ready to have your taints tickled? I mean really throughly tickled?”  Crowd screams as they go on and play “Mommy Dust.” During this it was a mad rush with the fans trying to collect the confetti and ghost play money that was littering the crowd. He comes back to the mic and says his final monologue. “Worcester I need to hear you screaming! Did I get you? Did I touch that spot? Give yourself a big round of applause, it feels good to be together”. The show is almost over and the crowd boos. He said “stop being negative”. He goes on to thank the workers, Volbeat, and Twin Temple for being with them.  “This is one for the kids!” They ended out the night with a cover of Metallica’s cover of “Enter Sandman,” and two of their biggest hits “Dance Macabre” and Square Hammer.” It was an amazing show! If you have a chance to check out their show on one of the upcoming dates you will not be disappointed.

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