The Black Moods at Talking Sticks Resort and Casino in Scottsdale, Az

The energy in the room could be felt by everyone; The Black Moods’ electric liveliness was contagious. The Black Moods hail from the arid and beautiful desert of Tempe, Arizona. The band consists of guitarist/singer, Josh Kennedy, bassist, Jordan Hoffman and drummer, Chico. Their bluesy rock sound was inspired by some major bands in rock history from Led Zeppelin to the Foo Fighters. Starting out as a bar band in 2012, they hit the road running. The band started out by touring the country; hitting some of the major classic clubs for musicians: The Viper Room and Whiskey a Go-Go. The rock trio hit major traction in 2016 with their revamped version of their LP “Medicine”, originally released in 2012. Their next hit “Bella Donna” was released in 2018.

On February 19, 2022, The Black Moods have decided to grace the city of Scottsdale, Arizona with a concert at Talking Stick Showroom. The crowed riddled with excitement and anticipation could be felt by anyone who walked into the room. The moment Chico entered the stage, the crowd held its breath, you could hear a pin drop.  Kennedy and Hoffman shortly followed Chico onto the stage and the crowd went wild! Promptly at 8 p.m., they opened up their show with their song “Can’t Sleep at Night” with a The Who intro. The moment the first note rang, the crowed jumped up, ready to sing and dance along with the band.

As each new song was performed the crowd slowly moved closer and closer to the stage, dancing and jumping up and down with glee. Halfway through the set Kennedy took to the microphone. Looking at the crowed Kennedy told them how much they mean to him. He told the audience that it wasn’t for them that The Black Moods wouldn’t be where they are now, he also stated how amazing they are because they sold out that show! Kennedy also mentioned that the sold out show probably made his mom happy, it was the most heartfelt and cute thank you to ever be heard at a concert.

The band went on to play “Without a Warning” and “Right Now Anywhere”. Once these songs ended Kennedy engaged the crowd again, he asked “has anyone ever been to Hollywood? If you have you will understand what this sing is about”. They then began to play their next song called “Hollywood”. Once they ended “Hollywood” Kennedy took to the mic again asking if the crowd had room for a few more songs. The crowd erupted into cheers and screams, Kennedy then announced that the next song they will play is called “Saturday Night” and this will be the next single to be released. It was an amazing experience and a treat for the audience to hear a song that has not been released yet. As the song was nearing the end confetti shot out of the machines on the side of the stage. Once the song ended the band left the stage, but the spectators never left. The lights stayed dim and this was the signal that there was more to come.

Slowly a single light came on and centered in the stage on a chair was Kennedy with an acoustic electric guitar. He began to play his song “Home” from their album Sunshine, which was released in 2020. Once the first chorus ended, Kennedy was joined by his friend Max, who accompanied him on the violin. Shortly after Chico and Hoffman take to the stage, Chico turns his light on his cell phone and begins to sway his arms back and forth while Hoffman begins to accompany Kennedy and Max, Chico joins on the drums shortly. Once the songs end Max exits the stage and The Black Moods begin to play “Sunshine”. Although there was a small technical malfunction in the middle of this song, it did not mess the performance up. Kennedy’s guitar strap breaks in the middle of the song and he seamlessly switches out guitars. The last song performed for the night is their much-loved single “Bella Donna”, ending the concert on a high note. Not many bands end up doing a three-song encore but it had to be a huge highlight for the audience, who did not want the show to end. Overall, The Black Moods put on an energetic, fun and entertaining show. Engaging with the audience helps them to feel more connected with the band, creating a more personal and memorable experience.

Set List:

  1. Cant Sleep at Night (with The Who Intro)
  2. Whatcha Got
  3. Bad News
  4. Guitar Solo
  5. Like a Wave
  6. On & On
  7. Throwin’ Shade
  8. Dirty Mess
  9. Say it for the Last time
  10. Do Eeeeeet
  11. She Gets Out
  12. Paralyzed
  13. Whenever It Rains
  14. Heartbeats
  15. Without a Warning
  16. Right Now Anywhere
  17. Hollywood
  18. Someone to Save us
  19. Saturday Night


  1. Home ft. Max
  2. Sunshine
  3. Bella Donna



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2 thoughts on “The Black Moods at Talking Sticks Resort and Casino in Scottsdale, Az

  1. I flew from Portland OR to Phoenix just to see this concert. I’d “found” the Black Moods opening for Dead Daisies in Portland in October and bought one of their CDs. This band is somehow young AND classic rock at the same time. I feel like I’m back in the ’70s when I listen to them. They have personality AND are great players. I love the Black Moods and will see them any chance I get.

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