Cannibal Corpse, Whitechapel & Revocation @ Worcester Palladium

The line wrapping around the Worcester Palladium was a great indication of what was to come for the death metal legends Cannibal Corpse and their powerful opening acts. No amount of snow was slowing down fans that came from all of over New England. There were even fans that drove down from Canada for this show tonight. No one left disappointed.

First up was the band Revocation which brought an insane amount of energy for an opening act. Revocation hails from Boston, Massachusetts and they were looking comfortable and right at home on stage at the Palladium. They played a solid mix of newer and older tracks. Many of the tracks were off of their album The Outer Ones including the track “Of Unworldly Origin”. Lead singer and guitarist Dave Davidson was not only shredding his yellow Jackson guitar, but he kept the crowd on their feet (well those that weren’t crowd surfing) the entire set.

Between sets I took some time to talk to fans in the crowd about Whitechapel since I knew very little about them and did I get an education quickly. There were just about as many Whitechapel shirts in the crowd as Cannibal Corpse and these fans are passionate. From the moment Whitechapel walked on stage they had their fans headbanging to the music. “Anticure” is a newer song from their latest album release Kin. Fans were excited for this track as well as “A Blood-soaked Symphony” and “I Will Find You” also from the Kin album. Probably the most explosive energy came from their popular track “The Saw Is the Law” from their Our Endless War album. It will be exciting to see how far this band can go. The future looks good for Whitechapel.

Headliner Cannibal Corpse came out with incredible intensity. This especially includes bassist Alex Webster who has been with the band since its inception in 1988. He didn’t just come out to play his notes, as you’ll see from the photos, Alex came out to melt faces off. Fans were treated to tracks from the Violence Unimagined album that was released just last year. Already “Inhumane Harvest” is a fan favorite. Cannibal Corpse also had an excellent mix of older tracks including my personal favorite, “Evisceration Plague” off of their 2009 album.
When the band was towards the end of their set, lead singer George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher wanted to check on the crowd to make sure no one wanted to go to sleep. This was clearly a joke since at this point the pit had turned into a swirling circle of insanity with non-stop moshing and crowd surfing going on around it. The crowd roared back, “NO!” and Corpsegrinder joking said “Ok, don’t bite my head off!” Cannibal Corpse finished off their set with their ever popular “Hammer Smashed Face”. It’s safe to say death metal is alive and well and the fans in New England could not get enough of it.


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