Lauren Alaina’s Top of The World Tour Stops by The Paradise Rock Club in Boston, Ma

Georgia native Lauren Alaina who was runner up on season Ten of American Idol,  and is one of the newest members of The Grand Ole Opry. She has made a name for herself over the last few years by producing hit after hit. She is currently touring off of her Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World album.

On Wednesday night the Lauren Alaina‘s Top of the World Tour presented by Maurices made a stop at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club. She brought along special guest Spencer Crandall.  Spencer was first to hit the stage and didn’t take long to impress.  Just two songs into Spencer’s set he wowed the Boston crowd with a cover of Keith Urban’s “Love Somebody”.

This got the crowd ready to party and have some fun. Though his set was short it was filled with tons of energy as Spencer was jumping and running across the stage. He then comes to the mic and addresses the crowd and says “these are some songs I play in the shower”. He continues on with a medley of hits including “Mr. Brightside” (The Killers) and “Umbrella”(Rihanna). During his set he then takes a fans phone who was doing a live video, and takes it and yells into the phone “Boston what’s up!” and pans the crowd a bit.

During his last song of the night he addresses the crowd one last time and says “make sure everyone signs a piece of confetti I have over there. Because one day when I play a stadium show I’m going to launch it out of one of those giant cannons”.  After his set was over Spencer ran off stage to the balcony to be with his fans and sign autographs.

During the break the house speakers were playing music and when Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” came on the whole venue in Boston fashion started singing along. This got the crowd amped up and excited.  The house lights went out and it was time for Lauren Alaina to take the stage.

There were two drum risers on each side of the stage, one was for the drums and the other was for the actual couch from Lauren Alaina’s Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World  album cover. It was time for Lauren to hit the stage. The stage was in complete darkness. Lauren came on stage and sat on the couch and began to play “It Was Me,” which is the first song off her new album. As soon as the song began the stage lights came on the stage.

During her set she played a mix of new songs but also wanted to play some  of her older ones that the fans knew.  She wanted to celebrate being back on stage so she played “Doing Fine” for the crowd. This song was originally written due to her having a crazy family but due to the pandemic, it was dedicated to good live country music being back. During her set she signed a CD for a fan when she threw the CD out to the fan it broke apart. She started laughing and says “How did that even happen, cause I am a dork.” She thanked the security guard for picking it up.

She went on to play a few more songs including, “Ladies I’m the 90’s. Lauren likes to play with the crowd while on stage. This was noticed when she was seen “playing” with the security guards. She would tap the security guard on the shoulder during her performance and sing to him. She would go to the other security and tap his head and move it around in a circle.

Lauren took a small break while the band members did short guitar solos. When she returns to the stage she comes out in a new outfit with a Glittery Pink Red Sox hat facing backwards. She then invites Spencer back to the stage and they do a duet called “Getting Over Him.” She goes on to play “Good Ole Boy, and says someone can be a good person but not be good for you. She then introduces the band and plays “The Party’s Over” Towards the end of her set she plays “You Ain’t A Cowboy” and goes to sit back on the couch wearing a cowboy hat. She said I am going to play one more song for you all.

This is the first of many Lauren Alaina loves songs which is “Changed My Mind.” She walks off stage and it appears the show has ended. The lights never came on so the fans were anxious for more and were heard cheering loudly Lauren Lauren! The band came on stage still in darkness and started playing the first of the three song encore set. “What If’s,” “One Beer,” where she was seen messing with the security guard one last time. They ended the set with her biggest hit “Road Less Traveled.”
If you have a chance to check her out please do. It is definitely a fun and entertaining show. One you will not be disappointed to attend.



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