10 Years, Black Map and VRSTY at Wally’s Pub in Hampton Beach, NH

The highly anticipated 10 Years, Black Map and VRSTY tour was originally set to kick off on Monday in Pittsburgh, PA. Unfortunately, the original start date was derailed due to an issue with the tour bus for 10 Years. The Pittsburgh date has been rescheduled to May 1st, 2022, but it was all the more sweet for New Hampshire fans that got to enjoy the first show of the cross country tour.

The band that got to lead things off was VRSTY (pronounced Varsity). They are a hard rock and R&B infused band. It’s honestly hard to pin them down to a specific style of music which constantly keeps things fresh and interesting. VRSTY commanded the attention of the crowd when they kicked off the tour with their energetic hit, “Lovesick_” off of the 2022 Welcome Home album. They also played the eclectic song “Soul” from their latest release. “Soul” begins with a Johnny Cash feel, moves into melodic, almost catchy pop, and finishes off with a heavy metal punch. VRSTY ended their set with “Massive,” a song that was consistently on Sirius XM Octane’s coveted ‘Big Uns Countdown’ since it’s release in 2020 and throughout 2021. Anyone lucky enough to catch VRSTY on this tour is in for a treat. The sights, sounds, and passion witnessed is absolutely unmatched by any opener out there.

Black Map was up next with their brand of powerful muscle rock. They just released a new record, Melodoria, earlier this year. Most of their set came from their new record, but they made sure to play some fan favorites from past albums such as their most popular hit, “Run Rabbit Run”. The band was having fun with the crowd while drinking their White Claws on stage, but they joked it was filled with whiskey. Currently, you can hear Black Map featured on Pandora’s ‘New Rock Now’ playlist.

Headliner 10 Years lead off their set with the heavy hitting track “Novacaine”. 10 Years is a band that has been consistently pumping out hits since their 2005 album The Autumn Effect. This makes it incredibly easy for them to jump from their older music to their newer material seamlessly. With 19 tracks on this setlist in New Hampshire they took fans on a ride from their more emotional hits such as “Say Goodbye” all the way up to the power ballots such as “Shoot It Out”. No matter how much time passes 10 Years can always count on every person in the audience singing their wildly popular hit “Wasteland”. This was exactly how to kick off a tour and with numerous dates across the US coming up be sure to catch this tour when it comes near you.

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