Steel Panther visits Tulsa, OK’s own legendary Cain’s Ballroom with guests Any Given Sin

The Steel Panther: Res-Erections Tour stopped in Tulsa, OK along with special guests Any Given Sin. Even the cold Oklahoma winds couldn’t keep these bands from coming to give a special show full of headbanging, eargasmic tunes and laughs along the way.

Any Given Sin gets set promptly to give everyone that’s been waiting to hear some live music a taste of what’s to come. “Enemy Within” was a great song to set the tone for this evening’s show. Vic Ritchie, along with his curls for days, gives Cain’s a dose of vocals that could get anyone’s attention. We’re told that they have a stand-in bassist for tonight’s show, Brutal Bass (Brian), he really jumped in with both feet as he’s only been learning the songs recently. Tulsa welcomes Any Given Sin to Cain’s Ballroom after being served some well deserved head banging that would shake a migraine in 2 seconds flat.

Next up was the infamous Steel Panther. A band that brings the 80’s sound and energy to an audience that just doesn’t give a damn about censorship. If you thought you were coming to an average rock show that involved ONLY head banging, face-melting guitar solos and that drunk person that spills their drink because they basically have no balance at the moment then buddy, you’ve come to the wrong place. A Steel Panther show has all that and much, much more.

The second the band takes the stage, you can immediately feel the energy from the crowd, along with the smell of hairspray and testosterone. Singer, Michael Starr, makes his way up with microphone in hand. Excitement fills the air as everyone can feel they’re in for a one of a kind show. Every band member dressed head to toe in a cutoff and brightly colored pants with an attitude to rock this show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The band starts off with “Eyes of A Panther” from their album Feel The Steel that starts this party off on the right foot. After every other song or so the band gives some very nice comedic bits that pertain to the location that sets up the next song on the setlist. The comedic timing is very well polished and gets some great laughs as the night progresses.

The band exits after performing “Death to All but Metal” but comes back for an encore performance of “Gloryhole”. The crowd loves the energy, the vocals and the amazing performances by Steel Panther (especially the very talented Satchel). This show was definitely one for the books here at Cain’s Ballroom but if you have the chance to enjoy a night of rock music/comedy then check them out while they’re on tour.

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