Sepultura Rocks the House @ Amplified Live in Dallas, TX with Special Guests Crowbar and Sacred Reich

Amplified Live (located in Dallas, TX) is one concert venue that has housed some big name artists as they make their way through the Southern parts of the US. Tonight is no exception as bands; Crowbar, Sacred Reich and Sepultura look to entertain fans on both the lower and upper sections of this venue.

Crowbar comes to Dallas tonight with quite a few tempo changes to their songs. Each one packs a punch to the face with incredible force thanks to drummer, Tommy Buckley, who does an excellent job keeping pace for both the fast breaks and the slower sections of the songs. Each one takes you on a roller-coaster of musical enjoyment that keeps you on your toes. The voice of Crowbar, Kirk Windstein, has a very grainy and textured voice that is on display when playing “Bleeding from Every Hole”. Both Matt Brunson and Shane Wesley put on a headbanging show for Dallas tonight as the crowd gives them a warm welcome and their full attention.

Sacred Reich is next on the line-up to give Amplified’s crowd a sensational show. Drummer, Dave McClain, starts the set off with some bass that’ll give your heart a quick check to make sure it’s beating. The guitar shredding from Wiley Arnett is insane, definitely worth a listen if you catch the band live. Joey Radziwill gave an advanced lesson on headbanging, with extra long hair while playing guitar, that feels like it’s been grown specifically for rocking out to songs like “Death Squad” or “Awakening”. Each song has the energetic kick to keep anyone entertained, especially when Phil Rind is commanding the crowd’s music loving spirits and you can tell they’ve been craving it.

The time for Sepultura has finally arrived. Everyone that’s been waiting to see and hear the Brazilian band perform eagerly await as they finish setting up for their set. The lights come on, the crowd lets out a loud cheer as the band makes their way on stage. The atmosphere that Sepultura is bringing with them could only be described as electric. Andreas Kisser automatically gets everything started with some jaw dropping solos that you can’t look away from. The sounds from Eloy Casagrande’s drum kicks you right in the chest as if to ask, “Are you not entertained?”. Paulo’s energy on stage goes along with Derrick Green’s stage presence which is astounding, he’s got a back and forth with the crowd that skyrockets the energy with a song like “Kairos”, plus the lighting helps enforce the overall feel of being at a Sepultura concert. Amplified brought an awesome lineup for tonight’s show and everyone got their fill of live entertainment, drinks and an overall great time. Check out the rest of Sepultura’s North American Quadra tour as they travel to El Paso, TX.

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