FOZZY at Wally’s in Hampton Beach New Hampshire

On a normal Saturday night in Hampton Beach traffic would be seen for miles, but since it isn’t quite summer yet the only thing hopping was the line wrapped around Wally’s pub for FOZZY!

Up first was the Las Vegas Alternative/Dark Rock band The Nocturnal Affair.  They are touring off their newly released debut album (Meta) Morphosis. Front-man Brendan Shane delivered powerful vocals to go along with the bands dark melancholic style there set was short but long enough to get the crowd warmed up. They set the stage for what was to become an explosive lineup.

After a short break, Krash Karma was set to hit the stage. Drummer Niki Skistimas marched through the crowd beating a snare drum while vocalist Ralf Dietel was addressing the crowd with his megaphone.  They are a two piece rock band that’s one part jersey and one part German. The New Jersey native on drums\vocals, Niki Skistimas really delivered huge beats and vocals to the crowd. The German part was made up by Ralph Dietel who took care of the guitar rifts and helped on vocals as well. The Duo delivered an entertaining set to say the least filled with high flying jumps and a unique style of metal. The band left the crowd amazed as to what they just witnessed from just a two piece band.

The third band of the night was GFM, aka Gold Frankincense & Myrrh. The Jacksonville FL band is made up of three sisters. CJ- Guitar, Maggie- Bass/Keys, and Lulu Vox on Drums, They were dressed in 80’s cheerleading attire. They are self proclaimed “Beauty Core band,” which is an all female group playing a mix of hard rock and roll and hard core metal. The crowd was in awe of how heavy this trio was. The crowd was not expecting the amount of hard core energy they delivered. They showed the crowd a lot of their hair flips and elated smiles which the fans could see they were loving what they were doing. They are definitely a force to be reckoned with in the near future of metal.


Last band of the night and the most anticipated performance of the evening was FOZZY! They are fronted by wrestling superstar and heavy metal enthusiast Chris Jericho. They are an American Heavy metal band formed out of Atlanta Georgia since 1999. They have released seven albums and one live album.  The band started out as Fozzy Osbourne in which they were a cover band. Later they then shortened their name to Fozzy. Since the release of their 2017 release of their album Judas they have made a name for themselves in the metal community. They opened up with “Sane”, from their upcoming release Boombox “Drinking With Jesus” and “Painless” to start their set. The energy in the room was electric to hear new music. They continued to another new song “No Where to Run.” At the end of the song Jericho said to the crowd “Do you want to start a War?” and begins to spray the crowd with a fog gun, this was the intro to their song “War.” The energy in the venue was out of control throughout the entire set. Jericho was seen “playing and joking” with the crowd with his microphone which got them more energized and excited to hear more songs. At one point during the song “Enemy,” guitarist Rich Ward jumped into the crowd and played a guitar solo. They rounded out their night with their biggest hit “Judas” and with a cover of ACDC’s “Dirty Deeds.” The crowd was ecstatic and sang along. There are still dates left on this tour. If you have a chance to see them make sure you check them out. They will definitely not disappoint.

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