Trinity of Terror Tour Takes Over Portland, Maine

On a brisk spring night Portland Maine was the place to be for the Trinity of Terror Tour. It was featured by three of the most iconic horror bands in the industry. It was definitely fitting for the atmosphere fans were anticipating. Fans were gathered around the Cross Insurance Arena to witness what was to become an incredible night of metal music.

To open things up was a late edition to the tour Lilith Czar (formerly known as Juliet Simms.) The band is touring for their album Created from Filth and Dust. Julies Simms is basically killed to replace Lilith Zscar in their new album. They wanted to recreate themselves to be known as a “King” and can now claim her own space as a woman. During their short set they played some of their original songs as well as a few covers such as a Stevie Nicks cover  “Edge of Seventeen.” Before their hit song “Lola,” she went on to explain the significance of how important it is to follow your dreams. The band ended their set with the hit single “Anarchy.”

After what was to become an extended intermission, the first of the three bands to perform was Ice Nine Kills. The band is considered an All American band from Boston/LA. Their performance was filled with horror inspired lyrics, props and theatrical entertainment. It also consisted of set changes for each of their styles. They opened their set with “Welcome to Horrorwood” which is from the Silver Scream 2 album. Next song was Wurst Vacation in which lead vocalist Spencer Charnas comes to the stage in a goat mask and holding a saw.

This was to become one of many costume changes. After playing a few more songs, Spencer says to the crowd “Seems like a Rainy Day in Portland” before playing their hit single “Rainy Day,” which featured a women coming on stage in a yellow raincoat holding a red balloon. This scene is one fans really enjoy. The band goes on to play more of their original songs before closing their set with “Funeral Derangements” and their biggest hit single “American Nightmare.” If you have not yet come out to see this band you need to. They are a band that does not disappoint and gets better every time you see them.

During the intermission a video was shown on the background screen for the crowd to watch while the crew set up for the next band Black Veil Brides. The video featured the lead singer Andy Biersack playing in an actor role in a netflix series Paradise City. This set the scene for their video playing before the band came to the stage. They are an American band based out of Hollywood CA They opened their set with “Faithless.” Andy came to the mic and said introduced the band and said we are going to play a new one for you it is called “Crimson Skies.” A few songs later the guitarist Jinxx comes out and plays the violin. Once the song is over Andy comes to the mic again and asks the crowd “Are you guys enjoying the night so far? We are going to play another new song “Wake Up.” They play another new song “Scarlett Cross.” They play a few more of their hits and end their set with “In the End.”

Lastly, the band most anticipated by the fans was Motionless In White. They are an American heavy metal band from Scranton, PA. They open up their set with “Disguise.”  Lead singer Chris “Motionless” Cerulli comes to the mic and says “How we feeling out there? Give me some more. On the count of 4 I want you up and down. We are going to play a song its called “Reincarnate.” The crowd goes crazy and begins crowd surfing. Chris comes back to the mic and says “It is a Thursday night during the week and look how many people are here. Go home you crazy mother F@*kers! I am going to change that. You will have a bang over. You can not go to work or school tomorrow because you banged your head so hard at the concert that you have a “bang over.” This leads into the song “Necessary Evil.”

After a few more songs, Chris comes to the Mic and introduces a brand new song “Thoughts and Prayers.” He says “I don’t know if you can tell by the grin on my face but I am having a blast. So when u face the truth open your f@** eys. He tells the crowd repeat after me Open your f@**ing eyes.”  Crowd repeats the lyrics. A guy comes out with a huge water gun and the crowd goes absolutely insane. After the song is done he comes back to the Mic and says “You guys want to hear some new s&**? We have an album coming out in June called Scouring the Ends Of The World. This song is called “Cyberhex.” While the song is playing a guy comes out waving a black flag around the stage. They play a few more songs and end their set with “Eternally Yours.”  If you have a chance you need to check out this band. They get the crowd up and jumping with lots of energy.

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