Country Trio Restless Road at the Sinclair in Cambridge, MA

On a warm sunny evening in the heart of Harvard Square, country music fans, could be seen lined up around the Sinclair to witness a first glimpse of the trio Restless Road. The fans were excited to get into the venue and see them perform live.

The first performer of the evening was a singer/songwriter and producer David J from Rotterdam, NY. He opened his set with a few of his new original songs. He played his hit single “Stay.” which he wrote in his bedroom. This song can be heard on country radio in Boston. He wrote another original song “Before you,” about a girl that he is talking to at the moment. This song is not out yet but it is his favorite song he has ever written.

His first ever song that was on the radio ” Lost for Heartbreak.” was the last song of the his performance. Although his performance was short the crowd of mostly women/girls was wild. They were giving him their phones to take selfies with and he even took a video during his performance. He is a new and upcoming artist that is trying to make a name for himself.

The next artist to perform was Shelby Darrall. She is a California native that got her inspiration and love of music from her father Chuck, and his band SilverCreek. She grew up performing at winery’s in Napa Valley and later on moved to Nashville to pursue her dream to become a country star.

She opened up her performance with a few of her new songs that have just been released. “Want U To Leave,” and her newest EP Release “Romance.” “Romance is a sad song but you will love it Shelby said to the crowd. She also played “Happy First” a song that means a lot to her. Her first ever song that she put out “Love You When I am Leaving” hit 1 million streams. If you ever get a chance to see her live she will not disappoint she has an amazing voice and is super talented.

Last to perform for the evening was country trio Restless Road. They are an American country band based out of Nashville TN. They got their start on the third season of The X Factor where they finished fourth. They released their self titled EP last February.

Before hitting the stage Country 102.5 WKLB DJ Carolyn Kruse came to the stage and did a brief introduction and announced the band. The crowd went crazy. The country fans were lined up against the stage waiting to get a glimpse of one of the heart throbs. They had their phones handy so when the trio reached down they would take a selfie with their phone. The band came to the stage and announced that this was their first ever Headline tour. They wanted to play a bunch of songs that they had grown up with and were going to be playing some new music as well. They announced that they had some new music they were going to play to see how the crowd reacted.

They started the night with “Headlight.” Band member Garrett Nichols came to the stage and told every guy to yell if they came here to have a good night. Then he told all the girls to scream louder then the guys. They went on to play “All The Girls, and “Took One Look At Mamma,” They have been through ups and downs. They have three different singers which makes them a unique band. They also got their name out there when they started doing TIC TOCK Mashups. They even did one back stage in the Green Room. They went on to play a few mash ups which included.. “Just To Be Your Man.” Green Tractor, “Should Have Been A Cowboy,” and “Check Yes or No” from George Strait.

They played an 80’s cover of Def Leopard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” They played another hit “Dirt” where they saluted to a military veteran in the crowd.  Guitarist Zach Beeken came to the mic and said that on June 22,2021 they stood at the Grand Old Opry which was a huge deal for them. While on stage at the Opry they played their debut EP “It Ain’t Easy.” Boston you still with us? Thank you for bringing this much energy on a Monday night.”

They announced that they were going to play some new music that no one has heard before, a song called “Rocking Bars.” Do we remind you of anyone? A fan yelled Jonas Brothers and the band went on to play a Jonas brother song “Burning Up.” They continued their set with a song that the fans knew such as “Take Me Home,” which was a song they did with country hit star Kane Brown. Their set was coming to a close, with a few more songs left they played a song which was debuted four short months ago “Growing Old With You.” They ended their set with their newest and hottest song “Bar Friends.” This is also their song they are touring off. If you have a chance to see them you need to. They have a ton of energy and they are loved by all the fans and have a huge following.

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