Tech N9ne’s Asin9ne Tour at the Worcester Palladium.

On May 20th, 2022, The ‘Asin9ne Tour’ ripped into Worcester, MA! Tech N9ne presented some amazing ‘Strange Music’ friends on this tour such as Joey Cool, X-Raided, and ¡MayDay!. The Worcester Palladium is definitely a home away from home for Tech N9ne, and the sweltering, face painted, ‘Technicians’ we’re ready to rage! Weaving in and out of each, bumping into homies they haven’t seen since 2020. It was time to get the Palladium bumpin’!

The place is already getting packed and people are feeling the bass shaking their bodies starting in their feet vibrating up to their noses as the first artist is about to pop out of back stage to kick this night off. Joey Cool came out to the stage with a strong presence ready to show Worcester what he got. Joey Cool, a rapper with a smooth, raspy, voice came out on the road with his brothers from ‘Strange Music‘, Tech’s label, to showcase the album he dropped in 2021, Tried to be Normal Once.

Being alone on stage can not be easy. Most people are used to bands and seeing interactions with each band members, but a solo rapper, his interactions are with the faces in the crowd and they were loving it. Setlist consists of “The Chairman,” “Under Pressure,” “Way Down,” Jumpin,” “Poisoned”, “Protect Thine Energy,” “Out There,” “Whiskey of the Day.”

The open spaces on the Palladium levels are now filling in as X-Raided takes the stage rocking a cool shade of blue sweat suit. “Wossstahhh!, Am I saying that right?” Being his first time playing here, he was impressed with what the crowd had for him.

A brand new signed member of the ‘Strange Music’ family. X-Raided is a California rapper I have never heard of until this night, so looking him up I learned some interesting history. For someone who has had a rough past, but also worked hard no matter what, his smile lit up the stage as the crowd was feeling his high spirited enthusiasm.

“That mosh pit is lit, I dig that!” With a few songs into the set, he disappears for one moment and comes out on stage to perform “Wit a Mask On” repping a Jason mask and a machete which was a fun moment in the set! Having two albums come out in 2021, ‘Bloc Star Evolution‘ and ‘Family Matters’, to support the tour X-Raided was changing up the set lists in each town.

I have been a fan of ¡MayDay! for a while now and so have the fans of the Worcester Palladium! They have been playing this room for 10 years and they felt that love! “Whoop Whoop” is being called out into the air and the call back is echoing off the walls.

Being a part of the ‘Strange Music’ family since 2011, the guys of ¡MayDay! announced at the beginning of the ‘Asin9ne‘ Tour the departure due to starting their own label called ‘MayDay Music‘. They will continue to do work with Tech and the Strange family through out this new venture. !MayDay! takes the stage a little bit differently than the two openers.

This rap group consists of Andrew Mujica, lighting up the stage with his percussion set, as Bernardo Garcia, and Ben Miller, come control the hyped up fans! These homies from FL, rap over some reggae instrumentals and original beats. “It’s a beautiful thing to see all this energy!” They were giving it right back to us and the love was felt all around. They bring a really cool vibe to their sound and you need to give it a listen!


The room gets dark, the bright LED screens on the back of the stage light up and start to tell a story to open up the final act, TECH N9NE! The fans chant for him to take the stage and make the next hour and a half his and his ‘Technicians’.

Almost forty songs were played mixing in classics such as “Hood Go Crazy,” “Caribou Lou,” “Am I A Psycho,” “Bout Ta Bubble,” and “Red Kingdom,” that vibrated the whole house! “Hit after hit cause of you! Lets rock!” The mosh pit was more a jump around, bumping, into to one another, and the rest of the dewy, smoke, filled air was a massive dance party.

The Palladium has been a home to Tech for a long time. I met people from NY, NH, and RI which just shows you that New England knows where to meet up for this (usually) once a year tour. Tech N9ne has been in the game for a long time and his fans are always a collection of people of all genes, from metalheads to reggae fans, from young kids, to older faces.

He is absolutely a favorite in the music scene and always finds great talent to share with the world. Bringing out every one who performed before him, Tech and the rest of the ‘Asin9ne‘ Tour goes crazy on the stage as the show comes to a close. Tech always brings a must see performance and I highly suggest you do.                                                                                   Setlist: “Caribou Lou,” “Demons,” “E.B.A.H.,” “Einstein,” “Face Off,” “Hood Go Crazy,” “It’s Alive,” “Midwest Choppers,” “Riot Maker,” “Stamina,” “Straight Out The Gate,” “Am I a Psycho,” “Areola,” “Bout Ta Bubble,” “EPOD,” “Erybody But Me,” “Fragile,” “Hard,” “He’s a Mental Giant,” “Heightened,” “Kickiter,” “Like I Ain’t,” “Midwest Choppers 2,” “My World,” “No See Umz,” “Now It’s On,” “Slacker,” “So Dope,” “Speedom,” “Still Right Here,” “That Box,” “The Beast,” “The Herder,” “Trust”(NF cover, “Unfair,” “What Do I Catch,” “Worldwide Choppers,” “Blackened The Sun,” “Come Gangsta,” “Devil Boy,” “Im a Player,” “No Reason,” “Planet Rock 2K,”  “Purgatory,” “Take your Halo,” “Technicians,” “The Pledge,” “This Ring,” “Titties”(Krizz Kaliko cover), “URALYA.”


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