Shaman’s Harvest, Crobot, and Any Given Sin Tour

Back in April, Wally’s Pub had announced their venue would kick off a rad tour to get the summer season in full swing on the Hampton Beach, NH strip. The weather was a little foggy on June 3rd, the night of the concert, but the streets were full of cars filling spots on the strip and people walking into places ready to enjoy live music. Shaman’s Harvest was the headliner of this Metal Mascot Records” tour, along with Crobot and Any Given Sin.

As the room started to fill in, the lights dimmed, and Any Given Sin took the stage to kick the night off. The opening sample from the song “Insidious”, the single they dropped in 2020, plays and the band shakes the room as they all start to play. Any Given Sin is a rock band out of Maryland, starting back in 2015.

The band is made up of lead singer, Victor Ritchie, drummer Mike Showalter, bassist Rich Stevenson, and guitarist Mike Conner. Together they provide definitive rock music that keeps heads banging. A little technical difficulties before the last two songs occurred, but Victor made some light hearted jokes entertaining the crowd while the issue was fixed quick!

With only a 6 song set list, they played their fans favorites. The guys are always busy providing new music as well so be on the look out for new music this year!


People started to connect with one another and fill in the spaces amongst the room, awaiting the next band to continue this rocking night. That next band being Crobot, a wild rock band out of Pennsylvania. Singer, Brandon Yeagley, takes the room by force with his flashy purple jacket and energetic facial expressions. Guitarist, Chris Bishop, and James Lascu, bassist, also commanded the stage with their presence spinning around and playing off each other.

Dan Ryan, drummer, was a little hard to see due to the stage being full of fog the whole set but it gave him a cool look as his hair and sticks were whipping through it all.

The crowd was 100% into this solid rock band that just gave a huge performance as if the room was filled with 20,000 people! Crobot is on tour supporting their new released album, Feel This. Only playing a few older songs like, “Low Life” that everyone knew and sang along too, Crobot definitely is introducing this new album right! Check them out. 

Now Wally’s Pub is pretty packed, beers are flowing, people are passing by each other saying hello, and ready for the headliner, Shaman’s Harvest, to fill the air with tunes. This band comes from Missouri and was formed back in 1996! They definitely have a solid following and actually just released their 7th studio album this year titled, Rebelator. This rock band has a blues style intertwined into the sounds of the guitars, bass, and drums, which brings a unique groove to this band.

Even down to the way they dress, cool blues style. Singer “Drake” also has a smooth cool blues vibe to his voice but also sings with a hard rock rasp. The band wore huge smiles playing to their fans, singing beautiful harmonies with one another and hearing the crowd do the same. Shaman’s Harvest consists of lead singer, Nathan “Drake” Hunt, bassist, Cord Bishop, rhythm guitarist, Josh Hamler, lead guitarist, Derrick Shipp, and drummer, Adam Zemanek.

Over the years the guys have had a few band member change ups, but not too many being an established band since 1996. “Metal Mascot Records” definitely hit with putting on this tour for these bands that all rock on this label. Once again Wally’s Pub provided a fun filled night with fantastic music!

Shamans Harvest
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Website   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram

Any Given Sin
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Website   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram

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