GWAR’s Black Death Rager Tour Hits The Strand Ballroom In Providence, RI

The Universe’s favorite Scumdogs are back on Earth for the Black Death Rager Tour in support for their latest album The New Dark Ages, which made a stop in Providence, RI.

The first band of the night was The Native Howl from Leonard Michigan. They bring to the table a blend of Bluegrass mixed with Southern Rock and Thrash Metal. The highlight of their set was a mashup of The Soggy Bottom Boys (I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow) cover and Metallica’s (Harvester of Sorrow). This was really cool way kick off the show to be able to blend two very different songs together. This unique song gave the crowd energy and got them excited throughout the rest of there set.

Next up was Nekrogoblikon hailing from L.A they are a melodic Death Metal group that has their Goblin mascot (John Goblikon) on stage to entertain the crowd during their performance.  During their set John Goblin was seen running back and forth getting the crowd amped for the night. He was interacting with the band members and the crowd at some points too. Their set included the song “Bones” which is featured off their latest album The Fundamental Slimes And Humors. 

They are a band that brings a lot of energy and the crowd really enjoyed watching them play Live. This is a band that you should try and see next time they come around your area.

The third band of the evening was Goatwhore. They are an extreme metal band formed out of New Orleans, LA. By the time they hit the stage the crowd already amped and ready. They opened their set with “An End To Nothing.” They tore through their set with songs which included, “Collapse in Eternal Worth,” “Alchemy Of The Black Sun Kilt,” and “Chaos Arcane.”

The crowd was going crazy and mosh pits were forming. The amount of energy in the building could definitely be felt from a far throughout their set. The evil vocals and satanic lyrics mixed with heavy guitar riffs and thrashing drums gave the crowd just what they were expecting.

The final and highly anticipated band of the night was GWAR. What can be said that has not already been said before. When you come to a Gwar show you know what to expect. If you are unfamiliar with them you are in for a treat. You can expect to see blood, seaman and goar throughout their performance. Tonight was no different.

It didn’t take long for them to get down to the nitty gritty of the show.  Just as the second song “Sick Of You” was about to start, a portrayed President Joe Biden came out to the stage to try and stop the show. He stated “There will be no Gwar show tonight!” The Berserker Blothar and the rest of the Scumdogs were having no part of that. They decided to take matters into their own hands and get rid of the perpetrator by cutting off his head spraying blood all over fans and everything around them.

Shortly after the crowd got their first taste of blood, it wasn’t long before another politician came on stage. He was introduced as the MF Ambassador to Georgia. He was notified via text message by the president to get his butt down there for a peace conference. They were having no part of him either so they took an ax to his brain and fake blood again spewed everywhere. This introduced the song “War Toy.”

Throughout the rest of their set there was more blood, and other theatrical effects that the crowd loved. Another highlight of the night was the portrayal of Vladimir Putin and XI Jinping mutilation. This also produced more blood and gore. The crowd was loving every minute of their performance. They were screaming and wanted to see more.

The bands set was filled tons of their popular songs which also included “Mother Fu*king Liar,” “Saddam a Go Go,” and “Immortal Corruptor”. At one point there was even an onstage fake abortion. They rounded out their set with one of their biggest songs called “Fu*k This Place”.  GWAR is a band that you definitely need to see for their theatrical performance along with them being  truly talented musicians.

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