Poison at Foxwoods Premiere Theater

Shortly after The Stadium tour made a stop at Citi Field in New York there was a day off for Poison to make up a show at Foxwoods Casino and make up a rescheduled show from 2020.

The fans were packed into the Foxwood Premier Theatre to see their sold out rescheduled show from 2020 due to Covid. They were ready to see Poison back together to perform live after being derailed for so long. They came out to screaming energized fans who were ready to party the night away to some gold old rock anthems of the 80’s.

They kicked off the night with “Look What The Cat Dragged In.” They sounded almost the same as they did back in the 80’s.  Lead Vocalist Brett’ Michaels was fantastic on vocals and the band sounded terrific. They started off with a bunch of songs that the crowd knew and loved such as “Ride The Wind” and “Your Mama Don’t Dance.” Next was a C.C Deville guitar solo with some snippets of some Van Halen mixed in. Brett was just as energetic as ever running around stage and rocking to all of his songs. He was really hyping up the crowd and making sure they were enjoying every minute of the performance as much as the band members were.

Up next was one of the bands hits singles “I Want Action” off their debut album. During “Look What The Cat Dragged In,” they portrayed their original music video in the background. This was cool to see for fans to see how much the band still sounds the same as they did back in the 80’s. As they played another hit single “Something To Believe In,” Brett came to the Mic and wanted to thank all the service men and women for their service. He wanted to make sure they were respected for all they do each and every day to keep our country safe.

Brett asked the crowd to help him out with the next song. He wanted them to turn on their phone lights in order to have the entire venue illuminated with the lights. The band started playing “Cry Tough,” but Brett mistakenly started the first few lines of “Fallen Angel”. He quickly realized his mistake addressed it to the crowd, and continued without skipping a beat for the remainder of the song.

The night was coming to an end and they played a few more of their most famous hit songs, “Every Rose Has Its’ Thorn” and “Talk Dirty To Me.” The crowd could be heard singing loudly as they knew every word to these powerful ballads. They rounded out the night with “Nothing But A Good Time,” which was a great way to end the night as the fans were there for that reason. The fans cheered loudly as they had just witnessed a band that they knew and loved in the 80’s play again live. Brett came to the mic one last time to thank the fans in attendance, to let them know how much they mean to him and the band, and that they will see them in August at Fenway park during the Stadium tour .

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