Pop Evil at the Granite State Music Hall in Laconia, NH

On a stifling hot 90-degree day in Laconia, New Hampshire concert goers crowded inside the Granite State Music Hall. It was a fun and intimate location to watch a concert, but on this particular day the air conditioning happened to go out. Although everyone was very hot, the fantastic music and enthusiasm radiating from the crowd made for a partylike atmosphere that included some shirtless bartenders. A perfect way to spend a Sunday night.

Boston based Mammothor started off the evening with their heavy rifts. Just recently, one of the band members of Mammothor came down with Covid and had to cancel their last tour date. Thankfully, everyone in the band was feeling healthy this evening and they came ready to give the fans everything they had.

“Take the World” was a fan favorite and “M.O.A.B.” is their most recent release that had fans headbanging to the beat. Lead singer, Travis Lowell, did a fantastic job engaging with the crowd. Quickly everyone forgot about the heat and continued to rock out with this opener.

Next up was the band Zillion hailing all the way from Alaska. They are theatrical and take you on a rock journey. As the set started there were brightly glowing cubes and elaborate costumes.

As the costumes slowly started to peel away during the first song the crowd started to get hit with such tracks as “Pocket Boy”, their single released earlier this year. As the show continued with their newest single “Potluck Lunch for Cannibals” characters started to reappear on stage. It was a quiet a unique experience of pop, rock and theater all in one.

As soon as the headliners Pop Evil took the stage everyone jumped in unison and genuinely tested the sturdiness of the floors of the Granite State Music Hall. Starting off the set incredibly strong with their newest smash hit “Eye of the Storm” was the perfect way to capture the crowd and they kept them engaged for the entire 16-song set.

During the set lead singer Leigh Kakaty slowed it down for one acoustic ballad but brought the rest of the band back out to pick it back up with “Breathe Again” from the 2021 album Versatile. Leigh Kakaty has always had the gift of an incredibly smooth and powerful voice as well as charisma to go along with it. Leigh really showcased these talents during this performance.

Dave Grahs, Nick Fuelling, and Joey Walser held down the guitar, back vocals and bass duties while keeping the energy level in the building bursting at the seams. Last, but absolutely not least is the drummer, Hayley Cramer. Hayley is one of the top drummers in the rock game. Outstanding stage presence, perfect form, and she’s going at 100mph the entire time. Pop Evil has a lot of tour dates left this summer so get out to a show if you can.

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