Keith Urban at The Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA

In the middle of a heat wave on the East Coast, New Englanders were not about to let that stop them from seeing Keith Urban perform this past Friday Night at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA. The traffic was seen for miles heading into the venue and the parking lots were full of tailgating fans.

The first act to hit the stage was Ingrid Andress. She is an American country music singer from Colorado. She released her debut solo album Lady Like in 2022. Her hit single “More Hearts Then Mine” was on the billboard top 30 in 2020.

When she came out onto the stage the crowd cheered loudly. She is an upcoming artist that fans were eager to hear live. She sang a few of her singles that the fans knew and loved. Some of these included “Waste of Lime,” “More Hearts Then Mine,” and she rounded out her set with her newest hit “Wishful Drinking.” She really got the crowd pumped for the remainder of the show and ready to party the night away.

Finally, ready to Rock the remainder of the night was Australian musician, singer, guitarist, and songwriter Keith Urban.  As the band entered the stage the lights were down. All the fans could see was a black silhouette of Keith through the red lighting on stage. As soon as the fans saw this they screamed, cheered and were ready to party. The crowd was in for a spectacular night as Keith played for over 2 hours to a sold out crowd.  From the first beat of “Tumble Weed” the crowd was ready to party. During that song, he played a snip it of “Black Betty,” by (Ram Jam) with a hometown twist. The crowd was going crazy already.

He went on to play “Days Go By,” “John Cougar, John Deer, John 3:16,” and “Somewhere In My Car.” just to name a few. During the song “Long Hot Summer,” Keith did a guitar solo that showed off his amazing musical talents. He is an amazing guitarist and it was amazing to watch him play. The crowd was mesmerized watching him play.

Now came to the point of his monstrous set which was his 10th song. Every stop on his tour he would randomly select a song from the giant wheel portrayed on the screen behind him. His 10th song of the night for this show was “Superman.” He went on to play a few more of his hits “Tonight I Wanna Cry,” “You Gonna Fly,” and “You Look Good In My Shirt,”

At the beginning of “One Too Many,” He mentions to the crowd that he is going to play to the lawn, where they set up the mini stage. He then proceeded to make his way through the crowd and finish the song in the lawn. While on the mini stage that was set up he addresses to the crowd “This is where its at on a Friday night in the Lawn.” He changed to a acoustic guitar and played a few snip its of “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.” He played “Better Life,” and You’ll Think Of Me” to the lawn crowd. At the end of his time in the lawn he took his guitar off signed it and pointed to a girl in the audience and pulled her on the little stage. He took a picture with her and handed her the guitar. Once the girl was safely down he himself bee lined back to the stage.

He then came back to the main stage to perform his song, “Somebody Like You.” He sang “Blue Ain’t Your Color.” When the song “Fighter” was being played they portrayed Country star Carrie Underwood on the screen to sing her parts in the song. Carrie and Keith collaborated on the song together.

Once his set ended he came out to an Encore of “Making Memories Of Us,” a Notorious Cherry Bombs Cover, and “Stupid Boy.” This was an amazing night with the weather being perfect and the music incredible. If you have a chance to see him you definitely need to. He is an amazing musician and singer.

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