Tantric with special guests Analog Lab, Syndicate 4, Ancira, Sound Curfew, and The Rift at Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, CA

It was a slightly chilly Thursday night in West Hollywood, CA. Fans made their way inside to grab some drinks and watch the openers as they amped up the energy leading to Tantric.

The first band of the night was Analog Lab. They are an Alternative Rock duo with an experimental edge that consists of two members, Miguel Arballo (Lead Singer/Guitarist) and Sean McCune (Drums, Keyboard, Programming). They have three singles currently out on all streaming platforms. They had a relatively short set but still had the crowd on their feet. A few of their songs included “Swallow the Sun”, “Roads”, “In the Shadows” and Sean McCune (drummer) even sung an unreleased song. A great upcoming band that is definitely worth checking out.

Next up is a Hard Rock band by the name of Syndicate 4 from the Inland Empire of Southern California. They consist of four members, Jeff Hardin Jr (guitar), Jason D’Amore (bass), Danny Olsen (drums), and completed with Dan Dye (vocals). It was actually Jeff Hardins birthday that night and what a way to celebrate your birthday. They opened their set with three singles off of their 2019 album Nosedive and closed out their set with their song “All About Me” which had fans wanting more.

Next to hit the stage is Ancira, a post-hardcore band local to Southern California. They brought an undeniable presence to the stage, opening with a new unreleased song. The band is made up of four members, Jimmy Brooks (drummer), Rob Bonham (bass), Richard Hatfield (guitarist), and Drew Stone (vocals). They take inspiration from bands such as A Day to Remember, Knuckle Puck, and Neck Deep. The band closed out there set with their debut song “All That We Know” that was released just shortly before the 2020 pandemic hit. 

Following up is Sound Curfew, a younger aged band from the high desert of Southern California. They are known for their alternative rock sound and love bouncing between genres. The band is made up of three members, Graham Davis (bass), Gus Beeler (drummer), and Dominic Parker (vocals, guitar). Despite some technical difficulties at the beginning of the set, they still managed to put on a great performance that had fans enjoying every second.

Last opener of the night was The Rift who are an Alternative Rock band who’s forged their own unique sound. The band is made up of three members, Ovasis Malik (drummer), John Anagnos (guitarist), and Aris Anagnos (vocals). They preformed a new song called “Los Angeles” and got fans excited for the main set of the night.

Finally, Tantric was ready to hit the stage. Lights went dark and fans were eager for the group to come out. As they hit the stage they are fronted by the lead singer and founder, Hugo Ferreira followed by Sebastian LaBar (guitarist), Jaron Gulino (bass), and Jon Loree (drummer). Tantric is well known for their hits such as “Breakdown”, “Down and Out”, as well as “Astounded”. They are a hard-hitting blend of post-grunge, modern rock, and alternative metal that emerged back in 2001. They opened there set with “After We Go” and fans immediately swarmed the stage, creating an electrifying energy that had fans cheering and screaming wanting more.

As the night went on they preformed more songs such as “Chasing After”, “Hate Me”, “Coming Undone”, “Hey Now”, and so much more! As the end approached they closed out the night with their song “Down and Out” and “Mourning”. One insane show filled with so much energy, they poured their heart and soul into every song and left the fans extremely happy. 


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