Dustin Lynch at Boston’s MGM Music Hall Fenway

The night was clear with a little chill in the air in Boston. Country fans were lined up around MGM Music Hall Fenway waiting in anticipation to be able to see their icon play live.

First to hit the stage was new country star Adam Sanders. He has written songs for Cole Swindell, Luke Bryan and Dustin Lynch.  In 2021 he released his first full length studio album What If I’m Right. This album features the song “Daddy” which is about the late Dale Earnhardt Sr who died in a Nascar race. He said that “Losing him had a deep impact on me.” When he came to the stage his first song had some technical difficulty but once he got that figured out he started to get the crowd moving. He brought energy and was ready to get the party going.

During his set he offered a fan $100 to see if he could finish the lyrics to one of his songs, “Drink, Drank, Drunk. The fan agreed but could not fulfill the task. He ended up totally embarrassing himself.  He continued the remainder of the set while fans were screaming and singing along to some of his hit songs. If you haven’t heard of him or haven’t seen his show you should check him out on radio or in person. He is someone that is worth seeing.

Next up was the star of the evening from Tullahoma, Tennessee., Dustin Lynch. He is an American Country singer who likes to party and have a good time. He had the crowd pumped and ready to have a wild party from the minute he hit the stage. Fans were packed in the venue trying to get as close to him as possible. His opening song was a Beatle’s cover     “(You Gotta) Fight For Your RIght (To Party)”

During his set there was a lot of drinking on and off the stage. He even gave a fan a beer drinking foot ball helmet to use for drinking while they sang and danced to his song. He sang songs which included,  “Thinkin Bout You,” “Stars Like Confetti,”  “Seeing Red”, and “Momma’s House.”  Before the song Tequila On A Boat /Every Little Thing Will Be Alright, the crowd was chanting loudly “TEQUILA! TEQUILA! The fans were going wild and crazy and were loving every minute. As the night went on he was seen signing memorabilia/ taking selfies with fans in the crowd and playing in the crowd with the fans.

Before the song, “Cowboys And Angels,” (acoustic) Steel guitar player  mentioned that it was his mom’s birthday. The crowd cheered as he played. As song as the song ended he went into playing a new song “Wood On The Fire.”

At this point Dustin and three other members were playing in the crowd for a medley of songs which included “Good Girl,”/”Closing Time,”/”When I Come Around”/ and “Sweet Caroline.” The crowd went completely crazy and it turned the venue into a giant dance/drinking party. Dustin then asked the fans who wanted to play a game of beer pong. He chose four fans out of the audience and brought them on stage. He had them playing beer pong while dressed in beer kegs vs breathalyzer costumes, while the band played a few verses of Alan Jacksons’s “It’s Five O”Clock Somewhere. “Dustin even took a chance with one getting it inon his  first try. While they were playing he went into the song “Party Mode.” The fans were screaming and singing aloud as the song that is the title of his tour was being played live.

He went on to play A Toby Keith cover son “Should’ve Been A Cowboy,” “Hell of A Night,” “Small Town Boy,” and ended his set with “Thinkin Bout You.” This was a show that brought huge energy, lots of beer drinking, lots of partying and tons of fun. If you haven’t seen his show you must go and check it out. You will have the time of your life partying away with Dustin.


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