AWOLNATION and Badflower Pack the House of Blues in Boston, MA

It was a busy night on Lansdowne Street as fans waited in line to get into the House of Blues to see Awolnation.

First band of the evening was British alternative rock band from Liverpool The Mysterines. The bassist George Favager was seen sporting a Red Sox team jersey. Fans were starting to pile in as the band played their first song “Reeling,”

The lead singer Lia Metcalfe started chuckling after finishing the song. She came to the mic and stated that they played a joke on the guitarist Callum Thompson by switching out his guitar strap with a one that said “Police Line DO NOT CROSS in bright yellow and black lettering.”

They continued playing a few more songs which included “Old Friends Die Hard,” and “The Confession Song.” They got the crowd pumped and ready for the remainder of the night.

The next band to perform was American Rock band from LA, California Badflower. As they came on stage lead singer Josh Katz came to the stage and said “sorry we are late our bassist had to pee.

The crowd laughed with excitement and the band started their set. They opened their set with “Don’t Hate Me,”  As they continued their set the fans were cheering and jumping.

They played a few more songs which included “Heroin,” “Jester,” and “Move Me.” At one point during their set, a fan in the crowd yelled to Josh and said “I like your jeans where can I get them? Josh responded with “Online but you have to pay for them as I get them for free. They are not cheap.”

Another fan in the crowd had a sign that said “Josh draw me my next tattoo. “He grabbed the sign and said “You brought a sign and wanted me to draw on it but you didn’t bring a sharpie?” He looked to the side stage and one of the crew threw him one. He drew a smiley face on the paper and handed it back to the fan. The fans cheered. They continued with their next hit song “Ghost,” which is one of the bands biggest hits.
Towards the end of their set, during the song “Stalker,” Josh climbed the barricade and went into the crowd playing the guitar while interacting with fans. Fans were cheering and singing and trying to give high fives to him as he played. He went back on stage and they ended their set with their hit song “30.”

Finally the band the fans came to see was American Rock band from LA, California AWOLNATION. From the moment they hit the stage you could feel the amount of energy and power they were going to bring to the show.

The stage was lined with a set of stairs in the middle and 3 disco balls could be seen in front of the drum set, and another 3 disco balls in front of the keyboard stand. There was also a larger disco ball hung high in the rafters. The lighting of the set was incredible. During parts of their performance the lights reflected off the disco balls giving the venue a unique and exciting look.

They opened their set with “Freaking Me Out.” Lead singer Aaron Bruno was seen through the set running, jumping, and performing antics to the crowd to get them energized as much as he was.

They continued their set with “Soul Wars,” “People,” “Kill Your Heroes,” and “Run,” During this he told the fans to get their hands up. The crowd threw their hands in the air and were jumping around.

Before the song “Handyman” Aaron told the crowd to get their cell phones out and light up the room and introduce yourself to the person next to you even if you don’t know them. The fans were waving their cell phones or lighters in the air swaying to the music. They played their set before the encore with “Knights Of Shame.”

As soon as the encore started the band brought out a special guest to sing “Just A Friend,” The special guest singer was Hyro The Hero. He is an American rapper from Houston, Texas. The crowd cheered as he started singing with the band. They finished the song with Hyro and went on to play their final two songs of the night “Pacific Coast Highway In The Movies.” Aft a crowd chant of AWOLNATION !! They ended the night with their biggest hit “Sail.” The Crowd was singing along to the words and jumping around. This was an amazing show from start to finish. The entire night was a night to remember.

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