Cypress Hill’s Haunted Hill Tour at House of Blues Boston

Boston Cypress Hill fans were lined up all the way down historical Landsdowne Street right next to Fenway Park. This show was on a week night and the rain was starting to pick up, but that didn’t stop anyone who wanted to come out to see the Haunted Hill lineup that Cypress Hill put together.

Brooklyn, NY rapper ILL Bill got things started off for the night. ILL Bill is known for impressive collabs and rapping about conspiracy theories. He delivered just that with his brand new track “Root For The Villain” that was only released a week prior to this show. Past notable collaborations ILL Bill has been involved with include DJ Lethal on “Masters Of The Dark Arts” and Snoop Dogg on “Bang Bang”. The House of Blues was absolutely loving the entire set, but “Bang Bang” had to be the most electric connection this band had with the crowd.

Sick of it All came out on stage and changed up the vibe from melodic rap to fast-paced, hard-hitting punk rock. This band first hit the scene in the 80’s and now has twelve studio albums under their belts. With so much great material to choose from fans were treated with an excellent mix of tracks from the older, popular hit “Step Down” to newer songs from the Wake The Sleeping Dragon! album.

The energy emitted by this band was extremely impressive. They were playing at 100% the entire time and never showed any signs of slowing down. It seems like that is not unique to the set that night, but the way this band has been their entire careers.

Politically charged rapper KRS-One hasn’t played a show in Massachusetts since 2018 and hasn’t played in Boston since 2008 so fans were ecstatic to be able to experience his music live for the first time in a long time. With the new album drop in 2022 there was plenty of fresh music from I M A M C R U 1 2 that no one in the building had ever heard played live before. KRS-One also played fan favorite hits from the 90’s off his I Got Next and Return of the Boom Bap albums. The showstopper had to be “Sound of da Police” that had absolutely everyone on their feet and shouting out the lyrics. Clearly Boston hopes they will get to see KRS-One live again very soon.

Legendary Cypress Hill hit the stage with DJ Lord getting the crowd revved up. He played a mix of popular tracks which the crowd loved, but you could feel the anticipation growing. Next thing the fans know, a gigantic cannabis-loving inflatable skeleton takes over the stage as they start to hear B-Real throw down his lyrics. Now the entire group including vocalist Sen Dog and percussionist Eric Bobo had emerged and Cypress Hill was spitting out melodic perfection with their popular tracks “I Wanna Get High” and “Hits From the Bong” and had fans jealous that the House of Blues is a [mostly] smoke-free facility.

With a 21-song setlist fans were treated to so many favorites such as “Illusions”, “Tequila Sunrise” and the massively popular hit, that is somehow over 30 years old now, “How I Could Just Kill a Man”. As the night started to wind down, Eric Bobo went from drums to bongos and B-Real was getting ready to have his final puff, the energy kicked back into full gear with “(Rock) Superstar”, “Insane in the Brain” and the House of Pain cover “Jump Around” to end the night on a very high note.

Boston was beyond excited to be part of this limited Haunted Hill tour and anxiously awaits the return of Cypress Hill. With the brand new release of the track “Crossroads” fans are hopeful they won’t have to wait very long for their return.


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