King Princess brings their “Hold On Baby” Tour to Dallas

The night was young, the November chill was just beginning to settle in the Texan air, and the historical House of Blues was filled to the brim, fans bursting at the seams from excitement, eagerly awaiting for the show to begin.

The night soon began with viral internet sensation, Em Beihold, playing the tune to a sweet song on her sparkly keyboard. The show quickly picked up as she performed fan favorites, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5” and “Numb Little Bug”. She danced, jumped, and twirled across the stage and had the high energy that was needed to open the show. Em was really a magnificent, fun, and quirky start to the night!


Next up to dazzle the crowd was Dallas based drag queen, Rose Gold Blunt. She performed and danced to high energy songs such as “Cherry Bomb” and even gave a shout out to her mother who was in the balcony section of the audience. Rose Gold Blunt was truly spectacular as she sported bright pink hair and golden chaps. The crowd absolutely loved her and went wild when she dropped into a full, show stopping split at the end of her set, then declared that she was going to immediately go smoke a blunt.



Fans were bursting with excitement, even chanting their name, and wiggling in anticipation for the headlining act of the night, King Princess. King Princess ran out on stage, rocking hand painted pants that said “Plant More Trees” and a snazzy guitar. They rocked the night away with their fun loving vibes and bubbly, eccentric personality and had fans screaming their lyrics back to them. The whole crowd jumped and danced when they played songs like “Cursed” and “P***y is God” and there were most definitely nostalgic tears shed across the whole entire venue when King Princess played their smash hit, “1950”. The night was amazing and everyone had a fabulous time as they attended King Princess’ “Hold On Baby” Tour!


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