The Sound of Animals Fighting Draws the Crowd Instead of Scaring Them Away

It was a cold night l, a cold front was starting to come into Arizona. The line outside the Marquee Theater in Tempe was small but that was not indication for what the night was going to be like. Those who were in line were eager to get inside and get the night rolling. People were still pulling up and parking after the doors had opened. The merch lines were steadily getting longer and longer as people wanted to support their favorite bands.

A group of people had claimed their positions at the railing, the very front of the audience. They could be head talking about how excited they were for the night to start. The house lights finally dimmed and it was time. The first band to hit the stage was Record Setter from Texas. This screamo band brings a new edge to screamo. Their set is quite calm and the band stays in one spot for the most part. All their energy is packed into the vocals and instrumental sounds. They did a phenomenal job of opening up the concert.

More people came into the venue finding their spots to stand the rest of the show, while the stage hands took apart the stage and set up for the next band. The next band was a fun female fronted trio, Concrete Castles. This indie/pop/rock/alternative band hails from Erie, Pennsylvania. They are fronted by female vocalist Audra Miller. Miller is joined by Sam Gilman – Drums and Matthew Yost – Guitar. The bands energy helped to wake up the crowd even more. Miller and Yost could be seen jumping and moving all about the stage! At one point during the set Miller asked the crowd if they were ready for Hail the Sun and The Sound of Animals Fighting! The crowd responded with screams of jubilation! Their performance was memorable. The energy and care they took in their performance was quit noticeable. The audience enjoyed the set, many could be seen singing and jumping along with the band.

Finally more people flooded into the venue. They were ready to watch the main bands who were the reason they bought the tickets. It was time for Hail the Sun to take to the stage which meant it was getting closer to the headliners turn. Hail the tool to the stage and instantly they were off the charts! The bands line up is formed by  • Donovan Melero – lead vocals/drums/percussion,Shane Gann -guitar/backing vocals,Aric Garcia – guitar and John Stirrat – bass. Hail the sun is a post-hardcore band from Chico, California that was formed in 2009. The band’s stage prescience took over and the fans ate it up! Melero was running back and forth, jumping up and down, picking up the microphone stand and swinging it around. At one point Melero got on top of the drum set and jumped offZ the crowd went absolutely wild!

It was finally that time of the night, time for the headliner to come on. The Sound of Animals Fighting finally came to the stage but their set started out uniquely. Two people came onto  the stage and sang a-Capella and it was a slow song opening. What is truly unique about this band is their live lineup changes almost yearly. This years lineup included  Anthony Green (Circa Survive and Soasin)- vocals, Rich Balling – vocals, keyboard, Matthew Kelly – vocals, guitar, Matt Embree – guitar, vocals, Steve Choi – guitar, keyboard, Chris Tsagakis – drums, Jonathan Hischke – Bass and Keith Goodwin (Good Old War)- Vocals. As soon as the singing ended the stage went black and everyone came onto the stage and the show began. Greens stage presence is recognizable! His energy is always at its full

Potential, he captures the audiences attention instantly. The audience screamed, sang and cried along in happiness and joy. They let their hearts spill out alongside the bands performance. The rest of the members joined Green in giving the audience a performance they will never forget! Some members jumped around on the stage, some stayed fairly stagnant with minimal movement while others were hunched on the ground.

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