The Judds Final Tour Makes A Stop At The DCU Center In Worcester, MA

Roughly Nine months after the passing of Naomi Judd, Wynonna Judd hit the road one final time with special guests Martina McBride and Ashley McBride for The Judds Final Tour.To kick off the show, was none other than Martina McBride. As soon as she came on stage the fans were standing and cheering. She started the night off with a cover of Gretchen Powers song “My Baby Loves Me.” She went on to play “Blessed,” while explaining that the song was inspired from a true story about fighting cancer and how she has met so many people through her career that have touched her with their stories and battles with cancer.

The next song “Girls Like Me” was a song from the hit tv show Songland, where undiscovered song writers pitch their original songs to various artists and they get to remake it into their own song.  She went on to sing a song, “Do It Anyway” that was her first ever song to hit an album and be released as a single. It gave her hope and calms her down and brings her faith.

The audience gave a standing ovation and cheered.For her next song, “Loves The Only House” she brought out her harmonica. She ended her amazing set with one of her biggest hits “This One’s For The Girls.” She walked off stage to a staging ovation. 


The final performer of the night and the fan favorite was The Judds. This featured Wynonna Judd herself as her mother was scheduled to be on tour with her but had recently passed 9 months prior.

From the moment the crowd saw her on the side of the stage they cheered loudly as she walked on stage to “Had A Dream (For The Heart)” She explained to the crowd that she wasn’t even sure that the was going to continue this tour without her mother by her side but because of the love and support of the fans she is grateful she did. Before her next song, “Give A Little Love,” she stated that she was practicing all day to try and say Worcester. The crowd was filled with laughter as she kept saying it to the crowd. She told the crowd lets have fun tonight. 

For the next song “Girls Night Out” Wynonna brought out special guest star Ashley McBride and Martina once again to sing along with her. The crowd was on their feet. Although Ashley didn’t have her own set, she performed a mix of songs with Wynonna. The next few songs together were “Rocking The Rhythm Of The Rain” and “Love Is Alive.” 
She mentioned to the crowd that she loves 80’s and 90’s country and she kicked butt then and can still get it now after so many years in her career. She mentioned how her and her mom used to sing together on their back porch. 

Throughout her set she portrayed videos of memories of her and her mother throughout their career together. 
During the song “Let Me Tell You About Love,” she mentions that they play the steel guitar for the first time in 1989. There is a video in the background which displays Carl Perkins. The next song “Guardian Angels,” she plays acoustic in front of a red velvet background.

She goes on to play more of her hits which include “Rock Bottom” where Ashley comes back on stage and Wynonna passes the torch to her. She says “This is what Loretta did to me, putting her on the spot saying we did not rehearse this. Sometimes you just got to go with it. She then goes on to play a Foreigner cover song “I Want To Know What Love Is.” During the song “I Saw The Light,” Ashley makes a surprise appearance and the fans loved it. 

The last part of her set featured her biggest hits some of which included, “No One Else On Earth,” “Love Can Build A Bridge,” “Mama He’s Crazy” (this featured a video of her mom in the background,) “Grandpa (Tell Me Bout The Good Old Days) and “Why Not Me.” This was an amazing performance and an amazing tribute to her mom. Wyonna with her edgy grundy vocals at times made for a night we will never forget.


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