Everclear’s Fall Headline Tour Hits Big Night Live In Boston, MA

After celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2022, Everclear released their new album,”Live at The Whisky a Go Go.” This year in 2023, they hit the road once again to connect with their new and old fans on their tour!

The first band of the night was The Pink Spiders. Originally from Nashville, TN, this Rock n Roll band has been celebrating since being signed onto the record label, Pure Noise Records. Lead singer, Matt Friction, expressed their gratitude and excitement for joining a label that they felt fit their sound and is already housing some of their favorite bands. This momentous occasion inspired them to release their song, “Gold Confetti,” which they performed as their first track to their 2023 opening set! They were originally scheduled to play a shorter set following another opening band, The Ataris. Unfortunately, The Ataris had to sit out for this performance but The Pink Spiders made sure their spirit was still in the room by performing one of their songs from their set, “So Long, Astoria.” To add to their likeness during the show, Matt Friction even remarked “They extended our 30 minute set and now we have to be an actual band? This is exhausting!” The crowd chuckled along and continued to dance throughout the opening act. The Pink Spiders put on a great performance that truly got the crowd hyped up for the main band!

The final band of the night was Everclear, one of the leading alternative rock bands to emerge from the 90s. Since celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2022, the band embarked a journey of nostalgic productions for their fans, starting with reissuing their album “World of Noise” as a remastered, deluxe edition. After that, they released a commemorative documentary called, “Everclear – 30 Years Gone: A Retrospective,” followed by a North American tour. On one of the stops of the tour, they recorded their latest album “Live at The Whisky a Go Go” which continued to provide fans with even more memories and throwbacks to their childhoods.

Leading up to their performance at Big Night Live, fans could be heard in the crowd drunkly telling security the stories of listening to the band’s music on the way to middle school or dancing to the music with their parents. Finally, the band emerged with an insane amount of energy and stage presence. They riled up the crowd with their incredible guitars and relentless jumping around the stage. All the band needed was their music, dancing, and a lot of screaming “screw them kids” to pump up the crowd and put on a great show!

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