Live Play A Special Acoustic Show At Boston’s Shubert Theater During Their Northeast Fall Tour

The Shubert Theatre in Boston played host to a Acoustic extravaganza frpm the band Live that will be etched in the memories of attendees for years to come.

The solo act of the evening was none other then American Rock band from York, Pennsylvania Live.  The night was nothing short of enchanting as the venue buzzed with anticipation and excitement. From the moment the lights dimmed and the stage came alive, it was clear that the audience was in for a treat. This was an extra special treat for the fans as this was an all acoustic show. Their opening song was “”Selling The Drama.”

The energy in the room was palpable, and it was clear that the performers were ready to deliver an unforgettable show. Their seamless blend of rock, blues, and funk created a sound that resonated deep within the hearts of the audience.

The setlist which consisted of songs such as “The Beauty of Gray,” “I Alone,” “They Stood Up for Love,” and “Iris” was a carefully curated journey through the band’s discography. Each song was delivered with precision and passion, evoking a range of emotions from the crowd. The seamless transitions and tight musical arrangements demonstrated the band’s profound connection with their craft. They continued with “Mirror Song,” a Seal cover “Crazy,” and “Run To The Water.”

The stage production was a visual feast, with dynamic lighting and captivating visuals that enhanced the overall experience. The synergy between the music and the visuals created a multisensory journey that transported the audience to another realm.
Before the song “Turn My Head,” Lead singer Ed Kowalczyk announced to the crowd that he was celebrating his 26th wedding anniversary with his wife. This song hit # 2 because of Sugar Ray’s song hit #1. The next song “Overcome Came out right about the same time as 9/11 happened.

The encore, which consisted of “Horse,” “Face and Ghost,” “The Dolphins Cry,” “Lightning Crashes,” and “Dance with You,” left the audience begging for more. The final moments of the show were a culmination of the night’s energy, with the audience and performers sharing an electrifying connection.

Live at the Shubert Theatre was not merely a concert; it was a transcendent musical experience. The performers’ passion, talent, and genuine love for their craft were evident in every note. The audience left the venue with hearts full of music and souls touched by the magic of the night. It was a testament to the power of live music to unite and uplift, leaving us eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to be a part of such a musical journey.


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