BABYMETAL And Dethklok Captivate The Masses

The night was going to explode with creative forms of music from instrumental to Japanese metal to a fictional band from a cartoon. It was definitely going to be a night to remember.

The first artist of the night was Jason Richardson. Jason Richardson is a guitarist who is most notably known for his work when he was with Chelsea Grin and Born of Osiris. He is currently a solo artist and the guitarist for All That Remains. He came onto the stage and the audience cheered and clapped. He began to play and everyone listened to what he was doing. His songs were fast paced and intricate. His music flowed and was easy to listen to. It was interesting and intriguing. His sound was fun and caught everyone’s attention.

The second band to hit the stage was BABYMETAL! The band started in 2010 and has since grown in popularity! The bands current vocal line up is formed by Su-metal (Suzuka Nakamoto) – vocals/dancing, Moametal (Moa Kikuchi) – screaming/dancing and Momometal (Momoko Okazaki) – screaming/dancing. The instramental line up is made up by Takayoshi Ohmura – guitar, Leda Cygnus – guitar, Isao Fujita – guitar, Boh – bass, Hideki Aoyama – drums, Anthony Barone – drums, Chris Kelly – guitar, CJ Masciantonio – guitar and Clint Tustin – bass.

The band came onto the stage hitting hard beats and fast paces right out of the gate. The girls instantly began to dance and move about the stage. They captivated their audience; many of the audience members dawned some sort of merch from them. Some were wearing band shirts, some wore kawaii styled outfits and others dawned cute light up kawaii cat masks. Many fans sang and danced along to the songs. Everyone was ecstatic about what they were witnessing. The girls moved all about the stage not missing a beat or a lyric. They had many longer pauses in between songs that created suspense and excitement. Everyone as happy to hear the songs they moved the most such “Gimme Chocolate!!” and “Monochrome”.  The fans carried giant smiles with them all night.

Who would have thought that a fictional death metal band from Adult Swim would have gained so much popularity? Well Dethklok from Metalocalypse, did just that. Fans gathered from all over Arizona to watch this band perform. The bands lineup is made up by:

Studio members: Brendon Small – guitars/lead vocals/bass/keyboards and Gene Hoglan – drums.

Live members: Brendon Small – guitars/lead vocals,Gene Hoglan – drums, Bryan Beller – bass/backing vocals, Pete Griffin – bass, backing vocals and Nili Brosh – guitar.

Nathan Explosion is voiced by Brendon Small, Skwisgaar Skwigelf is voiced by Brendon Small. Toki Wartooth is voiced by Tommy Blacha and Mike Kenneally, Pickles is voiced by Brendon Small, William Murderface is voiced by Tommy Blacha and Magnus Hammersmith is voiced by Marc Maron (speaking) and Brendon Small (singing).

The band came onto the stage in the cover of darkness. They instantly hit their fans hard with the music. The theater went absolutely nuts! Everyone was so happy to watch this band perform. The band used the screens a lot and it really was fun to see. They created a story through their music and videos. The actual band could be seen as if they were shadows, encased in blue and black. The energy they put out was spectacular, especially since fans were focused on the screens and not the actual people performing. The band also gained many new fans that night who had never seen the show and did not know they were a fictional band.

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