Once Upon A Time In Phoenix With Amigo The Devil

Amigo The Devil was back, making another appearance in Arizona. This night he would be accompanied by Nate Bergman and David Ramirez. The Tejon Street Corner Thieves were originally supposed to join Danny on tour but unfortunately they had to drop out.

David Ramirez hits the stage with his electric guitar and rose styled Hawaiian shirt. He began to play and the audience enjoyed his music. After his first song he began to talk to the audience. He introduced himself and said he was from Texas. He said this was his first time playing in Arizona and loved it. He also thanked the fans for coming out early, even his own family didn’t go early to his shows. When he said this the audience laughed and clapped.  His music was melodic and slow. It was beautiful and slightly haunting. He ended his set with “I’m Not Going Anywhere” after telling a story about his friend who passed away eight years ago. Ramirez is a great opener with his slower songs, it’s a nice quiet before the storm and I cannot wait to see what this artists brings and where he will go!


Nate Bergman was the second artists of the night . After his first song he thanked everyone for coming out and mentioned how huge this tour is for him! After the second song he began to talk to the audience he discussed how he started his solo career on March 1, 2020; he got stuck in Manchester. Bergman is also a one man band; just him and his guitar! His songs have a wonderful array of tempos that everyone can love and get behind! He started his set out with slow songs and the. Slowly transitioned to fast paced songs and then he went back and forth between the fast and slow. It was a wonderful mix that kept you on your toes! Bergman was excellent at getting the audiences attention. As he played they screamed and cheered. Bergman played his own version of “Dancing On My Own”, the audience sang along.


The crowd was growing anxious as the final act of the night was getting ready to appear, Amigo The Devil. Although tonight’s show would be the most special. Tonight Danny would perform with a whole band! The band is made up by Danny Kiranos-vocals/banjo/guitar,  Tyler Morse-bass (Murder By Death), Katerina Kiranos-Keyboard (Katacombs and Danny’s sister), Carson Kehrer-drums and David Talley-guitar.

The minute Danny got on stage the almost sold out room erupted into cheers! He opened up his set with “Infamous Butcher” off of his 2018 album Vol 1. That night was full of many great songs such as “Hell and You”, “Dahmer Does Hollywood” and “Murder At The Bingo Hall”! Danny began to address the audience and he said

“We’re gonna play a song you haven’t heard yet a brand new song! It’s a two part story and tonight you’re gonna hear part 1 and when the album comes out you’ll hear part one and two. This songs called ‘Once Upon A Time At Texaco pt. 1’”.

Everyone in the audience was silent as he played “Once Upon A Time At Texaco pt. 1” off of his new album Yours Until The War Is Over, that will be released later this year. Every one soaked in this special moment; wanting to hear a song that has not been released yet word for word. Finally as the song ended the night was still young for special treats! Danny performed a short “Orgy Song” that everyone laughed at that eventually bleed into “Hell and You”.

At one point Danny told the audience he needed to step off stage to take some tums. In that moment his teammate, who makes sure his instruments are tuned or helps Danny switch from banjo to guitar, came onto the stage. He was holding a banjo and all of a sudden he began to play! Danny all of a sudden hit a few beats behind the drums as his counterpart played an amazing banjo solo.

Over all the night was magical and full of amazing music and fans. Many people were united and brought together through songs of humor, and strength. Amigo The Devil is an artist who cam withstand the stage alone, he draws and brings the masses together. Being able to watch him perform with a full band is a magical experience, especially when I have only seen him alone. I have heard how amazing the full band and boy I was not disappointed.

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