All That Remains Kick off The Fall of Ideals 15th Anniversary Tour in Worcester, Ma

After a brief hiatus,  All That Remains kicked off the first date of their “Fall of Ideals” 15th Anniversary Tour to a SOLD OUT hometown crowd in Worcester, MA. It was a night that the fans will not forget.

To kick things off was Pennsylvania natives Tallah. They are currently touring off their upcoming 2022 release The Generation of Danger.  On October 1, 2020 they played their debut album Matriphagy from front to back. The band announced that Alize “Mewzen” Rodriguez, and a new rhythm guitarist, Alex Snowden were now official members. April 1, 2021 Tallah announced their “talladdin” EP alongside their first single “Friend in Me.” This single consists of five songs from the Aladdin soundtrack.  On August 17, 2021 Tallah released another single “Vanilla Paste,” which features vocals from Grant Hood of Guerilla Warfare, AJ Channer of Fire From The Gods, and Tom Barber of Chelsea Grin. On November 21, 2021 the band announced that they had parted ways with their founding bassist Andrew Cooper.
Lead vocalist Justin Bonitz came to the mic to start what was to become an extraordinary night. He was seen dressed in bunny ears and a plaid flannel. Justin brought enthusiasm and charism to the stage as they performed a variety of songs one of which included “No One Should Read This.” They got the crowd moving, jumping and the pit circling.


After a short set change, next to join in the festivities was Virials, another hardcore punk band from Philadelphia. In early 2020, previous vocalist Travis Tabron announced his departure from the band. They decided to still tour even after his departure. In early 2021 Virials began working on a EP. They later decided to turn the EP into their third studio album, which they finished in March of 2022. This album will also feature the return of guitarist Shane Lyons. During their performance Virials played a few of their original songs and threw in a live debut “Violence Measures,” which is expected to be released in the upcoming weeks.  They got the fans surfing and the pit moving. The pit was in full force not long into their set. The palladium had become a constant flow of flying debris and bodies. They played a few more songs before ending their set with “Empire of Dirt” which the fans went completely nuts for.


The third of four bands to perform was, Miss May I , which was ready to hit the stage. Their debut album in 2008 Apologies Are For The Weak was released while the members were still in high school. This album reached number seventy six on the top billboard 200. The band has had some of their material featured in productions, which include the songs “Forgive And Forget.” which is featured in the motion packed movie Saw IV. Their new single “Apologies For The Weak” is featured in the video game Saints Row: The Third. Lead Vocalist Levi Benton came to the mic before debuting their new hit single “Unconquered” and announced that this song had just been released. He stated to the crowd “We have been touring together for years now and this is our favorite tour.” During their set the pit was now in full force and crowd surfing was a constant flow of fans coming to the edge of the stage. The security staff was having difficulty trying to control the crazy fans that had been flying through the crowd.


Finally, after a long awaited hiatus, it was time for All That Remains to perform. The New England natives were ecstatic to be home and playing in front of their hometown crowd on what was to be the most memorable night for the band.  This is the kickoff night of their Fall Of Ideals 15th Anniversary tour . All That Remains had a few surprises for the fans. First of which was they were going to be playing their entire album The Fall of Ideals back to front. The band came out and played their first song “Indictment”. As the second song “Empty Inside” started the guitarist, Mike Martin appeared to be having some technical issues. He was seen going to drummer, Jason Costa and motioning that he had an issue. Lead vocalist Phil Labonte came to the Mic and stated “What’s up Worcester? We are right here. We are from here. We haven’t toured in 2 years so of course stuff is going to break. It is just a minor issue.” He thanked the fans for coming out and said we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. A few moments later, he stated it was all fixed.
They continued to play the next few songs off their album.  As they were playing their set Phil kept motioning for the pit to get bigger and the fans to get rowdy.  The place erupted with the continuation of bodies, debris and clothing flying through the air. Phil even threw water and a water bottle into the pit. It was total mayhem.

During the song “Whispers.” Phil took a go pro and was taking video of the crowd. Later on in the show, the crowd started cheering “Let’s go Brandon!  Phil was heard at the Mic chuckling, “No we are not doing that tonight. I think it is funny. How many people from NH came out tonight? This is a room full of bastards.  Are you guys ready for some metal? Let’s see the circle pit.”
After “This Calling,” Phil came to the Mic yet again and said started his monologue. “When I showed up today our management was here.  It is the kickoff for Fall of Ideals tour so it is a big deal for us. He said Phil I have some good news. Phil chuckled oh we are going to have snow tonight. They said no I can not help the weather. I said F**K! He said No! You put out a song in 2008 called “Two Weeks”, (crowd cheers) Oh you like that one? That song went gold a couple years ago because of you guys. Thank you! (he bows to the crowd) We just found out this morning that song went Platinum because of you guys. (Crowd cheers loudly!!) It’s not done. There is a song we put out in 2012 “What if I was Nothing” If you sing it to your girlfriend or boyfriend and go home with them you will get lucky. I have got your back. I am your wingman. I am here facilitating baby making. So that one we found out today it went Gold. Our management is here.” The management walks out on stage presenting them with the framed Gold album. The band takes a presentation picture in front of the hometown crowd holding the gold framed albums! This was the ending of an unbelievable performance and memorable night for All That Remains and its fans!

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