Ministry’s Industrial Strength Tour Hits Boston’s House of Blues

Finally, after being postponed multiple times, the long awaited Industrial Strength tour and the release of Moral Hygiene was set to hit Boston’s House of Blues.

First up was Cororrosion Of Conformity. Formed in the early 80’s (also known as COC) have had a Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance, toured with Metallica, and have taken a few hiatus. This time they are back and just as good as ever. Right off the bat, they opened up with ‘Bottom Feeder.”  While the Crowd was starting to pile into the venue, Pepper Keenen came to the Mic and asked to the crowd come on Boston show me what you got. The crowd got amped up and started getting rowdy. They played a variety of hits from a mix of their albums throughout the years. They ended their set with three of their biggest hits, “Wiseblood,” Albatross” “Clean My Wounds.” This got the crowd warmed up and ready for the remainder of the show.

After a short setup break, the next band ready to hit the stage was Melvins. As the lights came on the stage the fans could see the backdrop of their set was Endora from the TV Series Bewitched. The  song heard from the house speakers as the band walked on stage was “Street Beater,” which is the theme song from the hit TV Series Sandford and Sons.. The intro led into their first song “The Kicking Machine.”  This gave the crowd an upbeat energetic feel. This was the bands first tour in two years so they were eager to get back to doing what they love.

During their set the lead vocalist and bassist, Steven McDonald, was seen moving around the stage and posing for the photographers/fans. He would attempt to do Eddie Van Halen jumps and scuffled his feet around the stand which got the crowd into laughter. Guitarist King Buzzo, with his crazy hairdo, and unique outfit, was on the opposite side of the stage giving the fans an entertaining experience, with his crazy hair whipping around. He was jamming and walling on the guitar getting the fans riled up and forming a pit. As the night went on the band played a twelve song set which included songs like “Anaconda,” Never Say You’re Sorry.” and “even threw in a cover of Redd Kross’s song “Charlie.” They ended their set with a few of their most popular songs “Honey Bucket,” and “The Bit.” This came to prove that after all these years they still got it.

During the final break of the evening as the lights were down, the crew members were starting to assemble the set for Ministry. They were setting up what was to become fencing in front of the entire edge of the stage. They also set up a lighted cross just behind the cage that looked like a press conference podium. The band played a fifteen song set which included some of their originals song and some covers. This has become a part of the norm while on their Industrial Strength tour. This is also the 30th anniversary of their album The Mind Is A Terrible Thing to Taste. Shortly after starting their set they played one of their hit songs, “Stigmata,” followed by their cover of Black Sabbath’s “Supernaut.”  They put their unique twist on a classic song which gave it that metal industrial feel. It was something that the fans thoroughly enjoyed and went crazy when they heard it.

A few more songs were heard and the crowd was really getting into the bands unique style and were itching for more. They went on to play “N.W.O,” “Just One Fix,” and “Thieves,” During their last song “So What,” a fan threw a green shirt over the cage which landed on the cross. Singer, Al Jourgensen, takes the shirt, puts it on his head while he plays the remainder of the song. The band then goes off stage for a brief Encore. During this time, the background screen displayed pictures of musicians we have lost over the years. Some of the ones featured were Mike Scaccia, (former Ministry Guitarist) William Rieflin (former Ministry Drummer) and Joey Jordison (former Slipknot and Ministry drummer) This hit hard for the fans that have followed the band over the years. After the tribute they stage workers removed the fence so the band could play their final three songs without the cage. They ended their set with “Alert Level,” Good Trouble,” and “Search and Destroy.” If you have a chance to see them you should. They put on an amazing show!

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