Underoath, Spiritbox, and Bad Omens @ House of Blues Boston

The House of Blues in Boston was packed to the brim on a chilly Monday night in the city. The Voyeurist Tour has quite a few dates under it’s belt at this point and Boston fans turned out early and ready for their turn.

Bad Omens kicked off their set with “The Death of Peace of Mind”. They came off strong and powerful right out of the gate. They have a strong following in the Boston area since it seemed the entire crowd was in unison singing each one of their songs. Bad Omens lead singer, Noah Sebastian, had an interesting costume change coming out wearing a ski mask which you can see in some of the photos captured at the event.

The next band to hit the stage was  Spiritbox. They are currently touring off of their 2021 release Eternal Blue. As most people know Spiritbox was scheduled to go on tour with Limp Bizkit and grace New England with their Canadian metal presence, but COVID-19 shut down that tour just days before they could play north of Boston in New Hampshire.  New Englanders were ecstatic to finally get to experience what Spiritbox was all about. Fans loved hearing stories from vocalist Courtney Laplante especially when she spoke of some of her family being from western Massachusetts. The highlight of the set was the song “Hurt You”. The Boston crowd was feeding off the energy pouring out of the entire band during that particular song.  They continued on rocking the Boston crowd for the remainder of their set. The next time Spiritbox makes the trip down to Boston they will be probably be headlining their own tour due to there rising popularity.

After an interesting interaction with a futuristic being (think Squid Game guards meets Daft Punk in Tron: Legacy) the crowd finally got what they were waiting for… Underoath! Each member of the band brought their own flavor and infectious energy, but I was particularly impressed with the keyboardist, Christopher Dudley. It’s no easy task being in the back of the group stuck behind a keyboard while still commanding the attention of the entire audience, but he achieved that throughout the set. Although most of the songs from the night were off of the new record, Voyeurist, fans were excited to hear a few from their Warped Tour days such as “A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White”. The set was an excellent mix of nostalgic and the current Underoath.


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