WAAF Big Gig Comes to The DCU Center in Worcester, Ma

After a Two year wait The Former Boston Rock radio station WAAF 107.3 finally got to put on their annual Big Gig show in Worcester, Ma Featuring Godsmack. Former WAAF DJs Mistress Carrie and Mike Hsu were on hand to get things going.

 The night started once the purple haired legend herself, Mistress Carrie came out to the stage to finally welcome the Crowd to the long awaited show that was delayed a few years due to Covid. She announced that the first act Lilith Czar formally (Juliet Simms) was ready to hit the Stage. Lilith came out to start her seven song set with “Feed My Chaos,” “100 Little Deaths”(Juliet Simms cover) and “Unholy,” followed by a Stevie Nicks cover of “Edge of Seventeen”.  Though her set was short she really delivered with her powerful vocals and the bands high energy. The crowd really seemed to enjoy her set as most people were singing along and waving their hands in the air.

After a short set change another former WAAF DJ came out the stage. This time it was Mike Hsu announcing that Wage War would be next up.  They are an American Metalcore band originating from Oscala Florida (formerly named Empires.) During the pandemic the band spent most of their time in the studio working on their latest album. During this time they sent out teases to get the fans pumped and ready for new music. 

With the stage lightning dimmed the band began to rock the Worcester crowd opening with two of the new songs off their newest release Manic. They walked on set playing “Relapsed” followed by “Teeth.” The fans were pumped to be able to finally hear their new stuff live. Later in the set they also included their latest release “Circle the Drain.” They ended their set with “Stitch,”  off of their  2017 release Dead Weight, which left the crowd wanting more. If you haven’t heard this band before you should check them out and listen to their newly released album. 

To finish out the night was the band the fans have been waiting for for years to see live again Godsmack. They got their start in 1997 with the Boston radio station 107.3 WAAF. They were the first and only radio station to play them for a short while. Since then Godsmack has become one of the biggest bands in the metal community. Though it has been a few years since they have played live they didn’t seem to miss a beat.

The start of their set their was a white curtain draped in front of their stage setup. It portrayed one of the Beastie Boys doing DJ to a mix of songs from the 90’s . Fans heard announcer Michael Buffer announce his famous “Lets Get Ready to Rumble” chant. Once the curtains fell the energy, their sound, and their stage presence was something you had to see live to understand how important it was to them to be back playing live in front of the hometown crowd again. The fans were going out of their mind when they started the tune of “I Stand Alone”, and “When Legends Rise.” During the song “1000hp” the fans got a great and utter surprise when the band used fire and pyrotechnics multiple times to make the effects more enjoyable. While the band was playing the fans were in awe of the show they were witnessing.

Front man Sully Urna, came to the Mic multiple times stating that it was good to be back home and was super excited to be playing live again.  During his set he was rambling on at the mic and went off topic and Sully told fans “that the fans in Boston are his number one fans of all time.  Sully went on to talk about their are more women in the crowd now then back in the 90’s. He wanted to make the DCU Center, formerly Worcester Centrum, look like it did back in 1984 when concerts where the biggest thing on the planet. Get these girls up on the shoulders and make this place look like a rock show. We are getting there we are starting to look like a rock show again. He then proceeded to have the arena lights go out and the fans light up the arena with their cell phones. Light it UP! Light it Up! This looks so good. This is why we need cell phones.” He then went on to play “Something Different.” They continued to play more of their more popular hits such as “Voodoo”, “Whatever,” and Bulletproof to round out their set.

After a small encore break, the band came back out to finish the night out with “Under Your Scars.” Sully came to the mic one last time and said to the crowd “We have one more song and it is not going to be a Godsmack song. it is going to be something that we can all sing along to and we can have fun with. This is a song I grew up listening to. The band then played ACDC’s cover “Highway To Hell.” This was a night to remember for the fans and the band. They came out and bowed to the crowd for one final time.  The fans were extactic for what they had just witnessed and left the arena in awe. Be on the lookout for more new music and possibly another tour from Godsmack in the near future. If you are a fan or not you need to see them Live again!


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