Apocalyptica with Lacuna Coil At Big Night Live in Boston, Ma

Last Tuesday night in Boston the sea of Celtic green and rock fans could be seen across the city due to game two of the playoffs, in which the Celtics were hosting. This just happened to be in the same building as Big Night Live where Apocalyptica was set to perform.
Upon entering the venue, fans were anxiously waiting to get in. Once inside, the stage was set for the first band of the night Lacuna Coil.

They are an Italian gothic metal band from Milan fronted by Christina Scabbia. Once on Stage the band started their set with “Blood Tears and Dust” and right into one of the bands biggest hits “Trip the Darkness.” There 10 song set also included a few new songs like “Reckless”, “Apocalypse” and “Layers in Time” off of their 2019 release Black Anima. Throughout the rest of the set they continued to wow the fans especially since this was the last night of the US tour. If you didn’t happen to catch them this time hopefully they will come around again for fans to see them perform.


Next band was the headliners of the night Apocalyptica. They are a four member band consisting of three cellist and a jazz drummer. They are a unique band to say the least that is known for their neoclassical metal style. They were originally known as a classical style Metallica tribute band. They are currently touring off their Cell-O Tour.

They opened up their night with “Ashes Of The Modern World.”  Throughout their performance they played songs such as, “I’m Not Jesus,” “Not Strong Enough,” which featured vocalist Frankie Perez.. Shortly after another special guest ( which was only done at select shows) Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil came to the stage and helped sing “S.O.S (Anything But Love”) Frankie came back to the stage a few songs later to play, “I’ll Get Through This,”  After this song Frankie had a short monologue. He stated while in his dressing room he could overlook the TD Garden and could see the Celtics fans pouring out of the Garden after their win. He could see a Celtic fan dancing in the street having a grand old time celebrating. He stated how much he loves the City of Boston.

During the brand new song “Shadow maker,” Frankie took over on drums, while Jazz Drummer Mikko Sirén played a set of barrels that were set alongside the drum set.  They had fans mesmerized during their set watching how much talent this band has. They also played a few covers songs in their set. First was a cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters, a Sepulture cover, “Inquisition Symphony. After a brief encore they played “Farewell,” and another Metallica cover “Seek and Destroy.” They put on an amazing show that you must see to understand how unique they really are!



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