Sevendust Animosity 20th/21st Anniversary tour hits Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

On a brisk spring night in Hampton Beach NH the beachgoers, and the rock fans could be seen for miles walking down the boardwalk. As fans made their way to the Hampton Beach Casino the line to get in the ballroom was wrapped around the building and fans were anxiously awaiting to see the Animosity 20th/21st Anniversary tour.

The first band of the night was Deepfall. The Michigan based band features instrumental passages, spirited choruses, and they thrive in the expanse of rock ’n’ roll’s vast sub-genres. They are currently touring off their newest single “Revolution” from their upcoming EP out later this year. It consists of soulful songwriting, surging guitars, rattling bass, keyboards, heavy drums and raging vocals. Although they only performed a short set the fans were really into the bands style and were pumped for what was to become of the night.

After a short interlude the next band to perform was Plush. They are all female Rock band from New York. They are four young and talented musicians. They consist of the talented Moriah Formica, on vocals and guitar, Brooke Colucci on drums, Ashley Suppa on bass, and Bella Perron on lead guitar.

They want to connect with their fans and want them to resonate with their music. They bring to the stage high energy along with Ashley’s high jumps and Bella’s flashy hair whips and leg kicks. The crowd was in awe of how incredible and talented they are and went crazy when they hit the stage. They got their fans intoxicated with their sound and energy. They opened their set with “Athena” and fans went crazy.

The fans wanted more and was screaming and thrashing around during their set. They continued with “Champion”,  “Sober” and “Better off Alone,” and even performed a cover of Heart’s “Barracuda.” They ended their set with their recently released new single, “Hate,” off their self titled debut album, which can be heard on Sirius XM radio. This is definitely a band that is up and coming and will be making a name for themselves in the near future. If you have a chance to see them perform you will not be disappointed.

The next band to hit the stage was an American Alternative Rock Band from Los Angeles, CA, All Good Things. They are currently touring off their 2021 album A Hope In Hell.  They started their set with a new song “Kingdom.” The fans were really digging the new music. They continued to play a few of their older songs and threw in a few other new songs such as “Machines, and “Hold On.”  The fans were jumping and yelling and getting rowdy during their performance.

At one point during their performance Lead Vocalist Dan Murphy came to the Mic and stopped the show to make sure that a fan was ok. There was an apparent medical issue that he wanted to make sure the fan was ok. Once the fan was ok they cut the song short and continued their next song. The crowd cheered and clapped in appreciation that the fan was ok and the band had stopped the song to get help.

The last three songs of the night consisted of three of their biggest songs, “The Comeback,” “Survivor,” a Destiny’s Child cover, and their newest collaboration with Hollywood Undead “For The Glory.” This song has appeared in many television and film advertisements. The next time you see them will be a small stint with Theory of A Deadman. This is a band you need to see live if you can. They put on an amazing performance.

The final performer of the night was Sevendust. They are touring off the anniversary of their 2001 release “Animosity”, which would have been 20 years in 2021 but due to Covid it was postponed until 2022. They are an American Rock band from Atlanta. Over the years they have grown their fan base and they are performing to sold out crowds. Tonight was no different. Due to the venue being sold out the band had announced that they are going to add another show at the Casino Ballroom in Hampton NH at the end of their tour.

They came out in complete darkness to the beat of “T.O.A.B.” Once fans heard this they started going crazy. They went on to play “Praise,” Trust,” Xmas Day,” and “Dead Set.” During that time lead vocalist Lajon Witherspoon motioned to one of the photographers to give him his camera so he could take a picture of the crowd. As the photographers were leaving Lajon reached down and gave them all a high five. That is a classy move by a rock star. He had mentioned that he loves coming to this area. Hence why he added an extra show later in the tour.

They continued to complete the thirteen songs off the Animosity album. The crowd was pumped to hear the entire album in its entirety. They ended the album tracks with “Angel’s Son” and “Crucified” and they went on to take a short break. After the short encore the band came back to on stage to finish out the night in which they played “Blood From A Stone,” and their smash hit “Face to Face.” Every time this band comes around they put on a performance of a lifetime and fans are left in awe. This is why they have such a huge fan base and are considered one of the best live bands.


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