Daughtry at The Lynn Auditorium with special guests, Big Wreck

Daughtry brings the house down at the Lynn Auditorium on the Dearly Beloved Tour!

After a short one-month break in touring, The Dearly Beloved Tour resumes in Lynn, MA at The Lynn Auditorium to a crowd of excited fans.  Fans, decked out in their Daughtry gear, were standing out in front of the Lynn Auditorium on a cool May evening waiting for the doors to open.  On this leg of the tour, they brought the rock band, Big Wreck.

Big Wreck is a Canadian-American rock band that was originally formed in Boston in 1994.  They released two albums and found great commercial success in Canada.  The band then disbanded in 2002 but in 2011 the band reformed with a new lineup and a new album.  Since then they have seen success in both the US and Canada.  They are currently touring in support of their new EP, Big Wreck 7.1.  Ian Thornley, who has been with the band from the beginning plays lead guitar and is the lead vocalist.  The current lineup also includes Dave McMillan on bass, Chris Caddell on rhythm guitar, and Sekou Lumumba on drums.

Big Wreck started with “Beano” a song from Big Wreck 7.1.  There were fans of Big Wreck in the crowd and they were standing and swaying to the melodious rock tune.  They next played their 2019 hit, “Too Far Gone.”  Those in the audience that were not familiar with this fantastic band were starting to stand in appreciation of this amazing group of musicians.  In all, they played a seven-song set that included songs from five of their albums.  They put on a great show with McMillan on bass frequently crossing the stage to play to the fans on each side.  Drummer Sekou Lumumba’s long dreads were flying as he slammed the skins.  They also performed “That Song,” “Albatross,” and “Ghosts.”  Lead singer, Ian Thornley, played some complex solos that wowed the crowd and led to thunderous applause.  If you get a chance to see this band, don’t pass it up.  They are skilled musicians with a set of songs that will leave you wanting more.

After a quick set change, the room darkened again.  A set of vertical lights started lighting up the stage in a semi-circle behind where the band would take to the stage.  They were flickering a blue light as everyone in the auditorium got to their feet.  Chris Daughtry and the rest of the crew came out on stage to screams and applause.  The immediately went into a song off of the Dearly Beloved album, “Desperation.”  Current members on tour include Chris Daughtry (of course), Josh Steely (lead guitar), Brian Craddock (rhythm guitar), Marty O’Brien (bass), Elvio Fernandes (keyboard), and Brandon Maclin (drums).  Next up for the night was the the hard-hitting “World On Fire.”  During the song, Chris Daughtry was at times singing into a megaphone.  The crowd was eating up every second.  Daughtry played an amazing performance with dramatic and exciting lighting to go along with the talented musicians on stage.  The crowd loved every second of it.  Daughtry’s setlist for night also included “Changes are Coming,” “Dearly Beloved,” and “September.”

During the show, Chris gave the band a break and came out with an acoustic guitar lit by dramatic back-lighting.  He talked about doing this song for 15 years but never tires of it.  He asked the audience, “When the chorus starts, you sing it.”  Daughtry told the lighting crew to “Kill the lights… all the lights.”  He then asked to crowd to hold up their phones with their lights on.  The fans provided plenty of light to illuminate Chris as he stood center stage with his acoustic guitar.  He then started playing the very familiar chords for his hit, “Home.”  The whole auditorium erupted in applause and they sang along as requested.  It was a beautiful moment to experience.  Daughtry rewarded the fans with a song that he said, “I haven’t played this in a while.” He went into another hit, “Waiting for Superman.”  Daughtry also payed respect to “the good people in Ukraine,” by dedicating “Heavy is the Crown” to them.  During the song, the vertical lights behind the band were flashing yellow and blue, the colors of Ukraine.  The crowd cheered their appreciation and respect.  After the song, “September,” Daughtry thanked the crowd as the band left the stage.

The house lights remained off while some faint blue lights illuminated the stage as the crowd were repeatedly chanting Daughtry while clapping and whistling came from the fans.  The fans persistence was rewarded with a three-song encore that started with a cover of Alice in Chains “Man in the Box.”  They went on to perform the popular song, “Over You.”  The crowd sang along with every word.  Fans did not want the night to end.  But alas, all good things must eventually come to an end.  Daughtry’s set ended with a hard rock song from the Dearly Beloved album, “Asylum.”  It was an amazing night in the city of Lynn, MA for everyone in attendance of this show.  Daughtry has multiple dates coming up in the US and abroad through mid-August so check out Daughtry’s website for the remaining tour dates and be sure to catch a show while you can.

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