Life of Agony Rock Wally’s in Hampton, New Hampshire

90’s Metal Legends Life Of Agony comeback to New England for an appearance at Wally’s Pub  in Hampton Beach, NH.  Just before the official opening weekend for Hampton Beach it was the calm before the storm and fans got to see the legendary metal band perform live.

First up was local rock band, haling from Worcester, MA with a heavy sound was Hard Target. Being local they drew fans from all around the area. They played a few of their songs that the fans knew and could sing along to. The fans were pumped to be able to see them perform live in front of the rowdy crowd. 

Next to hit the stage was Manchester NH’s own Spit. They are also a local band that drew a crowd of fans that came to hear their music and watch them perform live. They are all about community and sticking together against the common enemy,  this government. You can feel how connected they are to the crowd by their music. They are an “in your face”  type of brutal metal band.

They mentioned multiple times how excited they were to be able to play on the same stage as Legendary band Life Of Agony. You could tell through their energy and performance that they enjoy what they do to get the crowd to come together as one.  


Finally the featured band of the night was set to hit the stage. A legendary Metal band hailing from Brooklyn, NY Life Of Agony came to the stage. They have been performing since 1989. They are a strong nit band.  They are currently touring off their documentary ‘The Sound of Scars,’ which can be found Here

They have released six studio albums, most notably River Runs Red.  They opened up the night with “Plexi Glass Gate,” “Respect. ” “My Eyes,” “River Runs Red” and “Bad Seed” all of which are featured on that album. They continued to play a few more songs.

At one point during their performance lead vocalist Mina Caputo trips and falls, after the song she comes to the Mic and says’ That is ok I fall at least once per show.’  Also during the performance guitarist Joey Z breaks a guitar string during a solo and plays with it like that until the tech comes on stage with a new guitar. He plays pretty much the entire song with the broken string. 

They played hit songs such as “I Regret,” ” Lost At 22.” and “Weeds.”  Joey Z comes to the Mic before the start of “Method Of Groove.” He asks the fans who has the album River Runs Red?  We are going to play the rest of that record for the remainder of the night. The crowd cheered loudly as that is the bands most popular album.

The crowd is enjoying the music as well as the band. You can tell they are enjoying it by their stage presence and body language through out the night. The fans have started mosh pits and it is big for the size of the venue. They ended their set with three of their popular songs, “This Time,” Through And Through, and “Underground.” For a band that has been around for 20 years or more they put on an incredible show!  They can still Rock and have a good time!



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