Pop Punk Rockers Sumo Cyco Take Over Wally’s In Hampton Beach,NH

After a brief mishap during their tour Canadian Rock band Sumo Cyco gets back on the road to continue their tour at Wally’s Pub In Hampton Beach, NH.

First band of the evening was Trawl, a funk metal band from Portland, ME. They were formed in 2018 with the idea of forming a band of brotherhood friends and like-minded musicians to play music simply for the love of it. They released their first two singles “Vertigo” and “Carcharodon” in 2019.  Instead of laying low during the pandemic the band stayed active and created a podcast “TrawlCast.” This was where local and regional bands and fans could talk music, have band interviews and more.

They were still busy and in 2021 they released their first EP, “Shark Piñata.” which is also the title of their album.  Once the live shows came back they started touring for their EP. They opened their set with a song from their self titled album, about a drink that lead vocalist Sean Matthews had one time in a bar called “Ghost Pepper.”  Another thing to add to their repertoire is that they teamed up with a local brewery and created a Mixed Berry Beer that you can get on Tap or in the can.

Next band of the evening that was ready to perform was Mammothor. They are a band that strives to deliver the essence of rock. They play heavy metal riffs, guitar shreds of the 80’s, and round out with the passion and versatility of 90’s alternative. They are a local heavy metal rock band from Boston, MA. They just released two new singles, “Bury The Motive” and “M.O.A.B” in March of 2022. TThey opened their set with “Take The World.” They continued to play a few more songs which included “Kill The Light” and “Final Hour.” They ended their performance with an Anthrax cover “Inside Out.”


The next band set to hit the stage was an American Rock band from NY, Black Satellite.  Their debut album Endless was released in 2017. Shortly after the release of their single “Valkyrie,” they were asked to be on tour with Starset.

Their next single “Blind” was featured on ibobi radio and was subsequently featured on Alternative Press via their discovery playlist. They released two cover songs which played tribute to Type O Negative, which was featured on metal radio. They are in the process of finishing their record Aftermath. They released a single from this album called “Void.” This gives fans a taste of what their new album will have in store. They are considered a promising prospect. They also released a cover of Rammstein’s “Sonne” in 2021. They have been on a few tours in the past few years.

They came on stage and the fans were intrigued as to what they were about to hear. During their set they played a variety of songs which included “Far Away,” ‘Void,” “Disengaged,” and ended their set with the cover song “Sonne.”  The fans were excited and even had a few mosh pits going to show appreciation for the band.

The headliners of the night was Canadian rock band Sumo Cyco lead by lead vocalist Skye Sweetnam. During their tour they had to reach out to fans to try and help them find parts for their tour bus to help them get back on the road. Luckily enough they were able to receive the parts to be able to get them back on the road without missing any extra tour dates. Since then they have been back to playing live shows. They played some of their original songs such as “Run With The Giants” and “Vertigo.”  They also played a cover of System of A Down’s “B.Y.O.B”

During their performance their were a few instances where Skye leaves the stage. One point she comes to the mic and mentions that she needs a shot of Whisky. She proceeds to step over the barrier and was being carried to the bar while chanting “To The Bar! To The Bar! They carried her to the bar where she is seen taking a shot of Whisky. Fans carried her back to the stage where she continues to sing a few more songs.  Guitarist “Matt Drake at one point puts Skye on his shoulders while playing his guitar he walks into the crowd.

Lastly, during “Move Mountains,” Skye and the band go into the crowd and sing amidst the crowd.  They get the crowd rowdy. Skye makes it known to the crowd to support them and make sure they request their songs with Jose on Sirus XM Radio. They end their set with their biggest hit “Bystander.” This is a band that puts on an amazing performance and is an in your face type that gets the crowd rowdy and fully entertained.  They are an extremely fun band to watch live. If you have a chance to see them you definitely should. Please support them on XM Radio.

Sumo Cyco
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Black Satellite
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