Puscifer At The House of Blues In Boston, MA

After a hiatus of over 6 years, Maynard James Keenan’s Puscifer are currently on a US Tour that consists of 22 dates. They recently made a stop in Boston at the House of Blues for a nearly sold out show. Fans showed up early to try get their hands on the unique limited run of event posters that Puscifer had been issuing at each show. As the fans entered the building plastid over all the walls through the venue were posters stating NO CELL PHONE USE OF ANY KIND.

First band of the night was Moodie Black. They are known for their alternative rap lore. They have been around for over a decade and have earned a reputation of being harshly uncompromising.  Some may say they are more of an edgy hip hop kind of band.  They were introduced to Maynard Keenan by his wife back in 2009. His wife was listening to their music and told her husband to reach out to them. They had been using their music in their vineyard to help with the growing vines.

They are a great fit for the tour and have brought about the same type of show experience Maynard was looking for. Even though they had a short set they got the crowd intrigued as to what they were all about. The fans seemed to enjoy their performance as they cheered and jumped around during their set.

Next up was Puscifer.  The band is a side project of Maynard James Keenan from (Tool).) They are touring off their fourth full length album “Existential Reckoning,” which was released during the Covid Pandemic in October 2020. Their stage set up consisted of one multi level giant scaffold in the back of the stage.

Their set started with his alter ego Agent Dick Merkin addressing the fans from the video screens on each side of the stage. He was warning the concert goers that if anyone violates the no cell phone policy they would be by Puscifers master chef,  

Puscifer and the agents went on to play a few more songs from their new album which included, “The Underwhelming,” “Theorem,” “UPGrade,” and “Apocalyptical,” A little while later, a second video message appeared on the screens again from Agent Merkin stating that they have “     

Highlights from the next few songs included, “The Remedy,” Personal Prometheus,” A Singularity, Indigo Children,” and “The Humbling River.”

Before a 7 min intermission, Merkin again had one last video in which he stated

After the intermission,  Maynard came out dressed as the Billy D character, in which he was portrayed furiously fighting off aliens attempting to probe him in an intimate area that nobody wants invaded.  They went on to play their final songs of the night which included, “Bullet Train To Iowa,” “Man Overboard,” “Conditions Of My Parole,” and “Bedlamite.” During the end of the performance Billy D was seen in a light saber battle with the aliens. This was an amazing and entertaining performance. It was a unique performance to say the least and definitely like no other.


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