Josh Groban’s Harmony Tour Hits Leader Bank Pavilion in Boston, MA

On a breezy summer night the line to get into the Leader Bank Pavilion on Boston’s Waterfront was as far as the eye could see! It was filled with Josh Groban fans young and old!

As the lights went down the first artists to make her way to the stage was Eleri Ward. The Chicago native has spent some time in Boston before. She attended Berklee College of Music for a year then transferred to Boston Conservatory.  She currently has a Sondheim album titled A Perfect Little Death, which she is currently touring with. This album is a mix of indie folk music and musical theatre. That is what she brought to her performance tonight and she did not disappoint.

Next up was Preservation Hall Jazz Band. They are a New Orleans Jazz Band. They are currently touring off their album Charlie Gabriel Eighty Nine.  This was released in Febuary of 2022. The album includes a few hit singles including “I’m Confessing.” The band also has a single called “Lift Every Voice And Sing,” which is their renditon of the Black National Anthem. They played smooth jazz that the fans loved and enjoyed. It made for an enjoyable evening of great music by extremely talented musicians.

Finally it was time for Josh Groban to take the stage. Fans young and old came out to witness Josh perform live. He is an american singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. He is a multi-platinum recording artist. Josh has sold over 25 million records worldwide. He is currently touring off his new album Harmony, which debuted in 2020.

When the lights came on he started his performance with a Frank Sinatra cover song “The World We Knew (Over and Over).” His next two songs were also cover songs, one by Sting, “Shape of My Heart,” and a Robbie Williams cover, “Angels.” The fans were really enjoying listening to him talk and sing.

He came to the mic througout the night to make sure the crowd was enjoying themselves and to let them know he was there to peform for them. He sang a few songs and then Lucia Micarelli did a violin solo. Josh went on to play a mix of covers and a mix of his original songs for the remainder of the set.

This was a great night to relax and sit back and listen to some great classical/gospel music and be able to free your mind and be care free. The weather made for a perfect setting with the live music, the boats in the water, the moon glistening off the water to reveal its reflection. Fans were left entertained and gave Josh a warm and heart felt applause.

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