Elder Emos Band Together for New Found Glory

It’s the middle of summer and the temperature keeps rising but that doesn’t stop the elder emos from going to The Marquee. The parking lot was hectic, everyone was scrambling to find parking. People began to form a line that wrapped around to the main street, while others were running to the box office to buy last minute tickets. The Marquee began to let people in and they were buzzing with excitement.

The first band to take to the stage was Action Adventure. They took to stage right at 7:30, and the second they began to come onto the stage, the crowd’s excitement grew. This band threw their energy right into the faces of the audience who ate it up like there was no tomorrow. This hardcore band combines aggressive melodies of pop punk and metalcore guitar riffs to create a unique sound. The members of Action Adventure met while attending metal shows in Chicago, leading them to bond over their love of music and later forming their own band.

The bands line up is Oren Trace-vocals, Brompton Jackson-guitar/vocals, Blake Evaristo-guitar, Manny Avila-bass, and Adrian Brown-drums. This band is one to really keep an eye on. They have a fresh new sound with hints of style that elder emo’s love and can easily reminisce too.

The second band to take over the stage is one that is loved not only by elder emo’s but those in the metal only community. The band that has that love is Four Years Strong. Although Four Years Strong is categorized as pop punk with touches of hardcore punk, many people in the metal community listen to them. They are from Worchester, Massachusetts and were formed in 2001. The current line up for the band is Alan Day – lead vocals/guitars/keyboard, Dan O’Connor – lead vocals/guitars/keyboard, Jake Massucco – drums  and Joe Weiss – bass guitar/backing vocals.

They opened their set with “Wasting Time (Eternal Summer). As they played the crowed went bananas. People were screaming and singing alone and some of the audience could be seen crowd surfing! They then began to play “Brain Stew” and “Jaded”, originally created and played by the Bay Area band, Greenday. As soon as these songs began it was over, the crowd went even more nuts, soaking up every note and beat while singing every lyric. The last song they played for the night was “Go Down in History”.

As the audience waited for the headliner, the venue felt like it was getting warmer. Looking around there were no open spots, everyone was packed like a sardine, and everyone loved it. This was probably the most packed anyone has seen The Marquee in a long time, but they were packed for good reason. They were eagerly waiting for the Coral Springs, Florida based band to take over the stage. The house lights began to dim and the crowd new it was time. New Found Glory came out and it was over, the whole venue screamed with excitement.

New Found Glory’s current lineup is Jordan Pundik-lead vocals, Ian Grushka -bass guitar, Chad Gilbert -lead guitar, backing vocals and Cyrus Bolooki-drums. They played their first song, “Understatement”, but their second song is what really got the crowd roaring, it was “My Friends Over You”, a classic. While performing this song, they fired off confetti cannons! As they played Pundik addressed the crowd. At one point he talked about how their van broke down the day before and thanked Four Years Strong for letting them use their equipment and instruments to keep the tour going. The crowed was loving every minute of this show, they were also crowd surfing. At one point the security guard fell off the small barricade platform while trying to grab a fan while they were crowd surfing, luckily both were okay! They also played another well loved song and crowd favorite “Head On Collision”.

During the show a child got separated from their parents, so security kept them up front in the photo pit during the set and Gilbert gave the child a guitar pick. The last song to end their set was “The Story So Far”. As New Found Glory Left the stage, the crowd chanted “one more! One more!” over and over. Well New Found Glory came out and did more than deliver. They ended up playing eight more songs! Finally ending the night with a crowd favorite “All Downhill From Here”! Everyone left the concert on cloud nine. Only two great songs were missing from their set, “Kiss me” and “Happy being Miserable”. These songs would have been great additions to their already amazing set.


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