Post Hardcore Bands Join Sleeping With Sirens

The night was young and the people were eagerly waiting to enter the marquee. The crowd was a mix of elder emos and kids who wished they had grown up in our time and we’re trying to emulate the elder emo lifestyle. The crowd was buzzing with excitement to watch the headliner and the amazing opening acts. As everyone finally entered the venue they flooded the front of the stage, claiming spots as their own so others wouldn’t invade. The crowd was hungry and eager for what was about to happen.

The first artists to hit the stage was Garzi, a rap rock artist from Los Angeles. Garzi was out here earlier in the year, when he was here unfortunately, he didn’t have his band with him but his show was still amazing.

Tonight’s show was no different! His band took to the stage first and the crowd was quiet but a couple seconds into the song the crowd went bananas. They were loving what they were hearing; this unique meld of rap and rock that worked so well together.  He opened his set with “Summer”. After a few songs he sang his newest single “Mess” that features Sleeping with sirens. The crowd went wild for the song, although no one extra joined Garzi on the stage.

He began to close out his set and asked for the house lights to be turned down slightly and for the fans to pull out their phones and turn the flashlight on. It was a spectacular scene to watch the stage be mostly lit by phone flashlights. As his set ended the crowd praised him, it was the perfect opener for a night of greats.

The stage crew began to move something’s around but the gear that garzi used stayed on the stage. The next band to hit the stage was Point North. They are a rock band from Los Angeles, California and are made up by Jon Lunden-vocals, Andy Hershey-guitar and Sage Weber-drums. As they did their into, fans were excited to see what was in store next, would they be able to match Garzi’s energy? The answer was soon to follow, yes. Point North began with “Never Coming Home” and hit the stage running.

The energy they put out was excellent; Hershey was jumping and head banging all over the stage while Lunden moved around to every corner of the stage. They ended their set with their song “Gasoline” off their 2019 EP Recovery.  “Gasoline” was the perfect fast but slower sad love song about a love gone wrong. The perfect song to end a high energy set.

Don Broco took over the stage next. Don Broco is an alternative rock band but they have also been categorized as pop punk and post hardcore. As they came onto the stage, those who have never listened to Don Broco, were standing there wondering, “what’s coming?”. Rob Damiani, the lead singer, came out dawning a curly mullet, red tank top, khaki pants and grey old-school high-top Vans. It looked as if he stepped out of the 80s while the rest of bands aesthetic was different from one another.

They opened their set with their song “Everybody”. Their energy was probably the highest out of the openers. Vary seldom did we see Damiani standing still; he was constantly jumping, dancing, and running back and forth from each side of the stage. Their guitarist, Simon Delaney, equally matched that energy. He was jumping, spinning, and doing high kicks throughout the show. Their Bassist, Tom Doyle, could also be seen jumping around. Matt Donnelly, their drummer and backing vocalist, did an amazing job matching their energy from behind a drum set.

This whole band won over the entire venue with their songs and appealing lyrics. Damiani also did an amazing job connecting with the audience and talking to them throughout their set. They ended their set with “T-shirt Song”.

It was finally that time in the night, the headliner. Tonight’s headliner was none other than Sleeping With Sirens, all the way from Orlando, Florida. The current line up for the band is Kellin Quinn-vocals/keyboard, Justin Hills-bass/backing vocals, Matty Best-drums, Nick Martin-guitar/backing vocals and their touring guitarist Tony Pizzuti. Quinn would introduce almost every song to their audience who ate up every word he said.

They opened up their set with “Break Me Down”, the audience went nuts. Sleeping with Sirens is categorized as a post hardcore band but they are better known as an emo band. He then addressed the crowd stating that if anyone needed love this was the place to get it, to be kind to one another and basically show support. They ended their main set with “If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn” and came out for an encore of two songs. These songs were “Do It Now Remember It Later” and “If You Can’t Hang”.

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