Oliver Tree Trolls Phoenix While Putting On a Memorable Show

The crowds formed and one thing was noticeable, it was people under the age of 30, most notably people under the age of 25. Tonight’s show was really marketed toward the younger age group, and it made a lot of sense. The audio engineers were playing classic popular songs throughout the decades while everyone made their way to the general admission seats (the pit) or their actual seats. They played everything from “Sandstorm” by Darude to Spice Girls and The Back Street Boys. The nights show is unique because all the artists are from North California.

As everyone got situated the house lights dimmed and it was time for the show to start. The first artist to hit the stage was Huddy, from Stockton, California.  Huddy also known as Lil Huddy is known for Tik Tok collective The Hype House that he helped to found. Huddy also starred in Machine Gun Kelly’s Downfall High, a movie adaption of his [MGK] album Tickets to My Downfall. He opened his act with “Headlock”. The band was encased of lights of reds, purples and blues. These colors matched the tones of the songs and the artists perfectly. He is a great singer and performer but his band was doing a great job keeping up. Their energy was skyrocketing. The guitarist and bassist were running around the stage, headbanging. The band was putting out an energy that they wanted the audience to take in and match. A couple song later Huddy played “21st Century Vampire”, a huge hit that everyone sang along too. He ended his set with “The Eulogy of You and Me”.

The house lights came on and it was time for the stage to get prepped for the next artist. Jawny, a native of Fairfield, California took to the stage. He is also known as Jawny Utah, and was even known for briefly dating Doja Cat. He came onto the set and he began to play. The crowd was noticeably a little bigger for Jawny’s set. He was dawning an orange hazard construction vest, his style is very unique. The fans screamed with excitement! Everyone was excited to hear his music, his music is a chill, alternative vibe. Jawny is classified as indie-pop, lo-fi and slacker rock. His set was extremely fun filled great lyrics that everyone sang along too and great guitar riffs. He played “Honeypie”, “Sabotage” from His 2020 album For Abby. He also graced the audience with his newest single “Strawberry Chainsaw”!

The house lights dimmed for a third time that night and the crowd at this point had basically filled out the general admission standing area. As soon as the lights dimmed out came the band members dressed as Oliver Tree, causing everyone to scream because they thought it was Oliver Tree. Then all of a sudden whizzing onto the stage and jumping off his Razor scooter came Oliver Tree. He was wearing the Jnko jeans, adidas slides and his pink and purple windbreaker. He came out and began to talk to the audience.

He mentioned how great it was to be back in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona and he sang his first sone of the night. Once it ended, he began to play one of his more popular songs “Alien Boy” off his 2020 Ugly is Beautiful. After the song ended he talked to the audience saying he only had time for two songs and off the stage he went but the he came back and asked of the audience wanted one more song and they screamed yes! He played his third song and then left the stage again saying its too hot and he had to change. He came out wearing his white purple and teal sweatsuit that had print looked like the small dixie cups in the 90s. He then began to talk to the audience asking who wants to hear one more song. Then he said “where are my weed smokers at? If you have a joint, a blunt, a spliff, a vape, a bong, whatever let me see that shit… you will not be smoking marijuana at an Oliver Tree show! Nah him just kidding if you got one light one up for this next one!”. Everyone screamed their heads off and he began to sing “All That”.

He kept his show going playing more songs and constantly asking if they wanted one more. He also said that Phoenix was his hometown and not to believe was the internet said but everyone knows he is from California; Santa Cruz, California to be exact. He then played “1993” and he tried to take his sweater off revealing a Lakers Jersey underneath. After that song he left the stage and came out wearing his Canadian suite, cowboy books and hat from his latest album, Cowboy Tears. He then played a few more songs, and mentioned his stomach wasn’t feeling well and went off stage to a fake makeshift porta potty, where everything could be heard. After that he came back out wearing a red suit and played “Cigarettes” and “Let Me Down”. After that he asked the audience who wants to see a scooter trick, he them performed a mini jump on his scooter as the audience cheered.

He then mentioned that the next song was made based off a bad scooter accident that almost ended his career, he played his first hit, “Hurt”. It was the last song of the night and he left the stage but then a few minutes he came back out wearing a yellow suite and riding a mini bike. He played “I’m Gone”.

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