Huge Announcement in Phoenix by Jimmy Eat World and The Maine

On Tuesday August 23, 2022, Phoenix was in a buzz. There was something in the air. It felt electric like something exciting was about to happen, part of it could have been the monsoons that had been happening the night before but the air felt more alive than usual.

Everyone, the media, made their way to the Arizona Financial Theater. Once seated it was time to wait, but they did not have to wait long. Sydney Sprauge made her way to the microphone. Sprauge is a Phoenix native and an indie/ alternative rock musician. She introduced The Maine; they came running down the stairs and posed. Then it was time, the main event (no pun intended), Jimmy Eat World. As they descended the stairs, they began to make gestures of play fighting towards The Maine.  As they took their seats everyone was eagerly awaiting to hear what this announcement was about.

Then it was time, they did it, they announced a one-night show featuring homegrown Arizona bands, with the exception of one band that is from Massachusetts.  For one night you can see Sydney Sprague, Pvaris, The Maine and Jimmy Eat World. When asked about why Jimmy Eat world’s singer Jim Adkins, mentioned it had been years since they have played in their home state and felt like they neglected Phoenix. It had been about seven years since they played in Phoenix and they wanted to do something fun and special in between the weekends for the When We Young Tour.

Once the announcement was made, the media teams and reporters could ask their questions. When asked why The Maine was joining and what brought them together, Jimmy Eat World mentioned that they always tried to bring Arizona based bands on tour with them or have them open up shows because it’s their way of paying it forward. having exposure like that would have been helpful when they were first starting out. They also mentioned that The Maine is a great band.

After the initial questions about the upcoming surprise show in Phoenix, reporters ask an array of questions. These questions ranged from how their favorite spots to eat, to their favorite venues to play at when they first started and even about family life. This event was a great way to get to know these beloved hometown bands more!

To hear the whole interview, learn some fun facts about Jimmy Eat World and The Maine, click on the audio down below!



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