Generations Serenaded by Incubus

It was a warm night and particularly muggy due to the monsoons Phoenix, Arizona has recently been hit with. Cars were lined up waiting to park at Ak-Chin Pavilion. The people were walking to the entrances and lined up waiting to go through security to get to their seats. Tonight, was going to be a memorable night full of great mix mellow and upbeat fast tempo music.

The sun was starting to set as it was time for the first band to take to the stage. The house lights began to come on and the crowd cheered; they were eager to start the night. The Aquadolls took to the stage and immediately began to play. They began their set with their song called “Mine”, right after the set ended, they introduced themselves. This all-female band considers themselves mermaid rock and roll. They were formed in 2012 by Melissa Brookes, their singer/lead guitarist. Then Brookes was joined by Keilah Nina-bass and Jacqueline Proctor-drums.  As their set continued, they added a cover of “Vacation” originally by the Go-Go’s. Their set was entertaining and energetic and it matched their bright, funky outfits and colored hair. If you’re looking for a fun funky all female band this is the one to check out. They put on amazing performances that entertain their audiences.

The stage hands over took the stage and began to set up microphones and move things around as they set up for the next band. The next band to take to the stage is a very well known and loved punk rock ska band; if you were guessing Sublime with Rome then you would be correct! Sublime has been performing since 1988 but became Sublime with Rome in 2009, when Rome Ramirez became the new singer. The original singer, Bradley Nowell passed away in 1996. The current lineup is Current members. Rome Ramirez- lead vocals/guitar, Eric Wilson-bass/backing vocals and Carlos Verdugo – drums/percussion. They opened their set with “April 29, 1992 (Miami)”. The second song they sang was “Two Joints”, the crowd began to scream and sing along to this song. Their relaxed and chill vibe filled the pavilion. Then it was time for one of their most popular songs, “Santeria”. As soon as they started playing everyone was singing along.

The sun had finally set and it was finally time for the last band of the night. Everyone was seated in their seats but the lights began to dim and everyone realized it was finally time. The music began to play, Incubus came on stage; they played “Nice to Know You”. The second the music began the crowd immediately rise to their feet, wanting to see and enjoy every second of this show. People of all ages could be seen at this event; parents brought their kids, and some adults brought their parents. It was a concert that everyone of all ages could enjoy.

Incubus was formed in 1991 by Brandon Boyd-vocals, Mike Einziger-lead guitar, and Jose Pasillas-drums. The rest of the current lineup is made up by Chris Kilmore-turntables/keyboards and Ben Kenny-bass/backing vocals.

A few more songs played all popular but then they played “Anna Molly” and the entire pavilion went up in a roar. They sang along to every word, dancing while they sang along. After the song ended, Boyd began to talk to the audience. He mentioned that he normally would be more energetic and moving all about the stage but he had recently injured himself and thus he was sitting. He then made jokes about how sweet the chair was as he spun around and then mentioned maybe being able to get a chair that would also move up and down.

They then continued their set and this included their most popular songs “Stellar” and Megalomaniac”. Throughout the set Boyd would interact with the audience, although the show lacked his usual movements on stage, he still gave the audience the performance of a lifetime. His vocals are easily recognizable and his skill is truly amazing. They ended their set with “Dig” but that was not the true end. Incubus came back out for an encore which included “Warning” and “Drive”.

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