The Weeknd Captivates and Invades The People of Glendale

The night was hot, the sun was shining and the people of Glendale were in a buzz. The night was a big night; a huge show was coming to Glendale, Arizona. The show that night was none other than The Weeknd. The lines were long and everyone was eager to get inside as fast as possible.

The first artists to hit the stage was Kaytranada. Kaytranada is a Hatian-Canadian DJ and record producer. Louis Kevin Celestin was born in Haiti and then his family relocated to Montreal, Canada. He went by his birth name until 2010, when he decided to use the alias Kaytradamus for his music.

Then in 2013 he changed it to Kaytranada. He has won two Grammy’s for his album Bubba. The moment he started playing and the crowd cheered. The audience got up from their seats and began to dance. His movie was upbeat with good hits of bass mixed in. He was the perfect opener for The Weekend; upbeat, fast tempo and he energized the audience.

The Lights began to dim and the crowd knew it was time; The Weeknd was about to come to the stage soon. Abel Makkonen Tesfaye was born February 1990 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Weeknd has accrued many awards for his music that explores many themes from romance, melancholia to escapism. His music is often inspired by experiences that he had went through in his life. His career started through YouTube where he would post music anonymously in 2009. In 2011 he helped co-found XO record label and he began to release mixtapes.

There was a giant moon floating above the end of the catwalk styled stage. The lights dimmed and some red lights came on, smoke was released. Then all of a sudden, figures started to come onto the stage. It was ladies dressed from head to toe in red and they dawned red veils that covered the face. They slowly ascended down the stairs onto the catwalk and then all of a sudden, the audience let out a scream. They had been holding their breath and the stadium was silent up until this moment.

The Weeknd came up from one of the towers on his stage, similar to Mario coming up from the tubes in Super Mario World. He opened up with his song “Alone Again (first part only)”. The crowd began to sing along with him. He then left the tower and moved onto the main part of the stage and began to sing his next song “Gasoline”.  He was dawning a mask and then he suddenly removed it and began to sing “Sacrifice (Swedish House Mafia Remix)”. The crowd went ballistic as he smiled at the crowd and sang. He began to jump and run from the left side of the stage to the other side of the stage and vise versa. His energy was riling the people up.

He began to come down the stairs down to the cat walk stage and began his next song of the nigh: “How Do I Make You Love Me”. His set was close to two hours long and he played songs from all of his albums. The crowd soaked up every minute of it. He played crowd favorites such as “Starboy”, “Party Monster”, “Call Out My Name” and “Blinding Lights”. Everyone could be heard talking about how amazing and how theatrical his performance was that night. Not one person was seen sitting in their seats the whole time. The audience was captivated and engaged with his performance.

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