Butcher Babies at Wally’s in Hampton Beach, NH

It was a cold and rainy  Wednesday night in Hampton Beach, NH. The summer crowd has since dissipated however, that didn’t stop the concert goers for showing up at Wally’s for Butcher Babies

The first band of the evening was Lions At The Gate. They are a heavy metal band that consists of three former members from the rock band Ill Nino, Diego Verduzco (guitar), Cristian Machado (vocals), and Ahrue Luster (guitar).  Together with Stephen Brewer (bass), and Fern Lemus (drums) they have released five singles.

Even though they played a short setlist they still got the crowed pumped and ready for the remainder of the night. A few of their songs consisted of, “Not Even Human”, “Bed of Nails”, and  “Ledge.” They ended their set with “Find My Way Home.” You should definitely check them out if you get a chance.

Next up was a rock band from New Jersey, Uncured. They were formed by two brothers Rex Cox (vocals and guitar) and Zak Cox (lead guitar). From the time they hit the stage they had tremendous energy, excitement and fun. They opened up their set with “I won’t Break,” which was the first time they played this live. They continued to play songs like “Take Me Away,”  “Living Like I’m Dead,” and “Cut Me Open.” Their set was short but they left the fans wanting more. They had the fans jumping, rocking and singing to their songs.

Next to hit the stage was Mammothor, a  hard rock/ heavy metal band out of Boston, MA. They brought heavy energetic sound to the small stage. This was a night of firsts for the band. It was the first time they played their new song “The Red State Blues” Live in front of a crowd. Throughout their set lead singer Travis Lowell could be seen throwing out T-shirts and CD’s of their latest album to the crowd. He also periodically used a megaphone to address the crowd. They played some of their newest stuff off their latest album which included the song “Bury The Motive.” They rounded out their set with a classic Anthrax cover, “Inside Out.”

Finally, ready to hit the stage was the band the fans waited for, Butcher Babies.  They are a heavy metal rock band out of LA. They are fronted by the gorgeous and talented Heidi Shepard, and Carla Harvey. They are known for their heavy aggressive style.

They bring tons of energy to the stage. They opened up their set with a cover of Napoleon XVI, “They’re Coming To Take Me Away.”  This got the crowd super pumped and were screaming and jumping. They continued their crazy and amazing set with songs such as  “Monsters Ball,” “Its Killing Time Baby,” ” Bottom of A Bottle,” and “Headspin.”  Just to name a few.

They are a type of band that is in your face. The crowd loves this about them. Even though the venue was small the pit was big. They continued to get the crowd energized throughout their set with more of their hits. Heidi came to the mic and “this next song was not written by us but it seems very fitting for us since we are best friends as well.” Their next song was “Best Friend,”  They rounded out their set with “Sleeping With The Enemy”, and “Magnolia Blvd.” They are a band that never seems to disappoint in their live performances.

Butcher Babies
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Lions At The Gate

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