Wednesday 13 at Red Flag in St. Louis, Mo

There was a perfect chill in the air as the concert goers lined up to see Wednesday 13 crush it on a Sunday at Red Flag in Saint Louis.

Brave New World opened the show with great energy. A newer local Saint Louis based band established just pre-Covid really showed an eagerness to entertain and bond with what was seemingly a crowd unfamiliar to them. As they played through a couple of songs the bassist and guitarist switched instruments and continued the set. A rare find at a rock show, but a welcomed one for sure. The set ended with a newer song “The Cure (Doctor, Doctor)” as the crowd continued filling in for a great evening of music. 


Mental Fixation isn’t just another metal band on the local scene. With opening stints for Danny Worsnop, Smile Empty Soul, Light the Torch and the Butcher Babies, they came out swinging ready to rile up anyone looking for some hard music with no frills. With a lot of local air play- show goers were eager to sing along with familiar tunes. The first round of moshing got going during their set and it seemed like everyone was all in.  

Arkangela hit the stage Fresh off of quite a few out of town dates, the local metal quartet returned home to a crowd worked up to see them again. With only two albums under their belt; there is no limit to the road ahead for this band. Their music, their style and their performance art was such an elevation of sight and sound. Ryan Beck’s lead vocals are melodic and at times almost operatic adding this exceptional layer to the combination of music thus fall. Adding to that layer was a deeper vocal and more growly tone from bassist Roman Ryliee. By the time their local ‘hit’ Mr. Sadist opened – there was more than three or four dozen people really into their performance by dancing, moshing, singing and screaming along.  

After a quick stage turnaround and fans having spread fake blood on their faces TWENTY years of Wednesday 13 got under way. The crowd wanted the spooky and horror and song after song they were satisfied but eagerly wanting more. Songs new and old were received with the same connection between all band members and every fan each seemingly feeding off of the other. The highlight seemed to come very early on with a newer selection “Hideous” in which there was the most interaction and audience participation. Performing nineteen songs would seem impossible for a band over two decades in music but there was not a wear down point or moment. What a highly entertaining night of music, mayhem, shock and horror to melt the face of the ending of the summer for metalheads of all ages.


Wednesday 13
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