Shinedown Planet Zero World Tour with Jelly Roll stops by The Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA

Even thought the weather was uncooperative, that didn’t stop the concert goers from having one of the best nights of the end of summer. The night was dreary and rainy but made it all worth it to see Shinedown and Jelly Roll perform at the Xfininty Center in Mansfield, MA

First performer of the evening was Nashville based John Harvie.  He is an up and coming new artist in the genre of pop. This was his first trip to Massachusetts.  As soon as he took the stage his energy was electric. He was jumping, moving, and interacting with the crowd trying to get them pumped and ready for the unbelievable night ahead. Fans were really taking into his performance and even if they didn’t know his songs they were trying to sing along. John released his debut single “Bleach (On The Rocks)”  in 2021, in which it has reached 5 million streams. His energy and his booming voice are making waves in the pop culture. If you haven’t seen or heard him yet you should definitely check him out.


Next up for the evening was Nashville native Jelly Roll. He is known as an American Rapper but can perform in all genres of music.  He released his first EP in 2014 and has been on the radar ever since.

Before he came to the stage the fans were chanting “Jelly, Jelly, Jelly.” He came to the Mic and you could tell he was definitely humble to hear his voice being chanted from thousands of fans.  The smile on his face said it all. His first song was “The Hate Goes On.” This got the crowd pumped with energy and you could still hear the fans screaming his name. He went on to play a few more of hits, which included “Only,” Fall In The Fall,” and “Son Of A Sinner.”

Next he introduced his band, while playing a mix up of music which included, “Sweet Home Alabama,” Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “99 Problems,” “Killing In The Name,” and “Beer Never Broke My Heart.” During this Zach Myers joined him to do the rap parts. This mash up just shows how talented and versatile he is in all genres of music. At one point he pointed to a fan in the crowd that had made a sign that stated ” He was graduating in 2023 and wanted to take a selfie with him.  He said, “I will make that selfie happen but you need to make sure you graduate next year.” The crowd screamed in excitement.  He was interacting with the crowd the entire night and He told the crowd that he didn’t think that Ma could show up for him but quickly realized he was wrong. He stated that he would sign all the signs that were in the building.

This performance was one in a million. This performance had it all it brought tons of energy, passion, and pyros which brought fire and had the crowd roaring for more. The fans and Jelly did not want the night to end but he made it an unbelievable experience for all who attended. He ended his performance with “Bottle And Mary Jane,” and “Save Me.”

The final performers of the evening were an American Rock Band from Jacksonville, FL Shinedown.  The fans were eager to see what was in store for them. They had waited all night for this moment. The opening of their performance never disappoints.

The entire arena was in darkness.  On stage were two massive screens that were portraying a montage of memories from the tour, which they are promoting “Planet Zero,” It went into behind the scenes of the tour with the band members.  The two massive screens then opened up as the members of the band walked out in a line onto the stage. They stood in darkness in front of the screens as the fans yelled and cheered with extreme excitement. The band then went to their spots and the performance began. They opened up with “The Saints of Violence and Innuendo.” They continued to play more of their hits throughout the night. They played a mix of old and a few new songs. At one point, they paid tribute to Late Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins by playing a quick 15 seconds of “Hero,” as Lead singer Brent Smith kissed up to the sky.

Before the Song, “Get Up” started to play he came to the mic and stated that he wanted to bring a grand piano to Mansfield, but it had to be suspended above the stage and it had to be lit up as he played it. As soon as he said this a Grand Piano lighted with blue lights came down from the risers. The fans cheered. The band then went on to play the song Get UP.

The next song was “Enemies.” He stated to the crowd to look to the right that former WAAF DJ Mistress Carrie was in the house. He then told everyone that he wanted to see them all jump. Not just a tiny little jump he wanted to have the entire arena on its feet jumping. He said this is your night your show. He said I told Carrie that you were going to set it off.  Your are at like 50% right now. Ill tell you what I think we should document this. He then brought out his photographer Sanjay who was going to record everyone jumping.  He said you don’t want to let Sanjay down do you?  He then brings out Mistress Carrie as well to help get everyone jumping.  Once that was finished they went on to play a few more songs off the Planet Zero album “Daylight” and “Planet Zero.”

Their entire performance was filled with pyros, huge flames, and massive light equipment movements that moved through every song played. The band played a few more of their hits including, “Cut The Cord,” “Monsters,” and Second Chance.” They also played a few cover songs. A Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom cover “Diamond Eyes” and an Oasis cover, “Don’t Look Back In Anger.”

Brent again came to the Mic and stated he was on his phone and he was on the rabbit hole (youtube) and he came across this man and it was a live vocal and it was a song called “Save Me.” I never heard of him before. I clicked on it and my mind was blown. It had been a while since I saw an artist I knew nothing about and every hair on my body stood up. I found out more about him and appreciated him. I was blown away. He said this man would be lucky to sell 5 records. Music is medicine. Rock and Roll is a spirit. Without further ado I would like to bring a special guest on stage with me. Ladies and Gentlemen The one and only Jelly Roll. They continue to play a duet together “Simple Man.”

If you have not seen Shinedown you need to check them out. This is a performance that fans of all ages will never forget. They will make every hair on your body stand up. They will make you realize that Music is what brings us all together. Doesn’t matter the age, the genre or the color of your skin. We are all alike when it comes to music.



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